ninphiia (ninphiia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

introduction + iso/want list!

Hello everyone, I'm Phii and I'm a pretty seasoned collector but new to this community in particular (so I hope im doing this right;;)! I Thought I'd introduce myself and then put a word out for stuff I'm in search of for my collections!

I collect primarily Sylveon, Alolan Vulpix, and Popplio! A little bit of Buneary and Stufful on the side too-! I collect lots of plush, figures, and charms mostly, I also collect ptcg cards (mostly just sylveons cards!) Anything with a sweet/dessert theme is a big weakness of mine too!

I'll share a picture of my collections when I have them situated again since I just moved! 

Now! On to what I'm searching for!

Cut Cut

Takara Tomy Palm Top Taking Sylveon/Nymphia

Sylveon Cookie Badge

It's Demo Sylveon Face Cushion

Serena and Sylveon Figure

Sylveon and Glaceon Charm

That's mostly what I'm primarily searching for atm! Thanks for reading!
Tags: sylveon, wants
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