nintenbro64 (nintenbro64) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bandai 1:1 pikachu custom idea

Hi guys i just preordered 2 of bandais pikachus so i can custom 1 since i already started customizing one of the 2 i got from Cinema Home, here you can see breakdown of it´s planned changes i´ll do...

1-a new resin smaller nose (in all these product shots the nose seems very photoshoped)
2-fixing the ears with some seams
3-fixing it´s nose bump forcing it a bit down covering it´s moth with a couple of traversal seams.
4-fixing it´s tail shape if possible adding more longer fur later once i see the actual color
5-reposition it´s feet with hard fishing line so they are more closed and looking forward instead of being open wide.
6- add a bigger better shaped black resin rim to it´s eyes to make it ore like the movie prop one.
7-with 2 seams puling inwards i plan to make it´s area near the ears more narrow so it´s cheeks pop up more.

Tags: pikachu
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