Tom (stocky101) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Nintendo Calendar 2001 - Gold and Silver!!

Hi comm!

Today in the post I received an item that I’m in absolute love with and wanted to share with you! A Nintendo Magazine Calendar, completely unused from 2001! (I believe I bought it from a comm member through their eBay but can’t remember their username to thank!)

I love Gold and Silver and gen 2 is my favourite gen so it was a must! The old artwork on it just makes me really happy. I plan to display it as a part of my new Smeargle collection! It also has another half to it with a variety of Nintendo characters including Mario and Luigi, Yoshi and a random Meowth.

More pics under the cut...

What do you guys think of this? Has anyone else got some cool nostalgic gen 2 merch?

Thanks :)
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