sprinklesylveon wrote in pkmncollectors

❤ Sylveon Ita Bag ❤

Hello, I'm still somewhat new here so I hope I'm posting here correctly.

I posted this earlier this week on my Twitter but I figured it would be nice to show here too. I've been working on a Sylveon themed ita bag for awhile now. Been trying to collect as much cute fanmade Sylveon charms & pins as I can, along with a couple of the official stuff. I still have more on my wishlist and I'm planning to add some of the Sylveon can badges to the outside of my bag. 💕

I couldn't fit everything in my bag, so I might later move to another ita bag with a larger window but I'm really happy with how my bag looks so far! 🎀✨

I'm surprised I don't see that many of Pokemon themed ita bags, especially of the eeveelutions. There's a bunch of cute eeveelution merch. I would honestly love to see more~ 💕


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