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Post-con gets and more! (Image Heavy)

Hello everyone!

How are you enjoying this coming summer, and excited for that Sword & Shield news dropping this week? :D

I've arrived back from Anime Boston 2019 a while ago, and wanted to share this accumulation of pics of the new gets that has accumulated since then.

Here's a preview:

First batch of gets are these pikachu's from Leo from FB. Not all of these guys are kine, since my friend wanted to grab these Pikachu's as a pick me up for herself.

Everything out of the box. One of the Easter Pikachu and eevee's are mine.

I love the detail of the kneeling chu's though. Love how Petlil and Hoppip are in the basket of one.

I was saving money for Anime Boston, so these two were the only ones I wanted to get at the time. They're softer then the previous releases.

Even though the first Easter chu is stil my fav, I really enjoy how they keep making different variations with each release <3

I also prefer the first release of easter eevee. It would have to do with the design of the recent plush, with its hind legs floating in mid-air so it doesn't sit very well compared to the first. Apparently all of the easter eevees are that way?

Bulba pop from Newbury Comics. Since I missed out on Pikachu, I had to nab him.

The pokemon card pack is from work. I don't plan on opening it XD;

Out of the box, and he's adorable with his tiny bulb and oversized head!

More work gets. Pikachu figures! I feel a bit bad for the scuffed up one, but I'll see them as 'battle scars'.

Found this small shelf at work, and decided to finally properly dispay my Alola starter line evos. Rowlet line was the easiest to pose, but Incineroar was the hardest, since his tail took up a lot of room. I may swap the eeveelution figures for amiibos later on, since tomy cancelled the Glaceon and Leafeon figures :(

Anime Boston 2019 gets: day 1! Hoo boy this was one of the best years I've been, and this is my 7th run in a row. I went with my cousin again this year, and we had a blast (Details are on my FurAffinity journal). My wishlist for this year was rather small, and not much caught my eye (they didn't have those winking laying vulpixes...) But I managed to find a Gyarados and a Mudkip keyring!

Day 2 Gets! (Ignore the rest lol)

Found a pikachu re-ment box for a friend, who not only LOVES Pikachu, and she's been working on dollhouses. I thought she'd appreciate it. She ended up getting the pikachu-table set.

Day 3!

The bootleg Manaphy was from the bootlegs panel, the host gave them away. If you haven't been to that panel, go. It's hilarious!

I also ran across a booth in the artists alley that had this cute eeveelution lens cloth!

Everything together! It's was a great haul, despite lack of pokemon goods ^^; Hoping next year has more pokestuff to offer!

After getting back from the con, I had these waiting for me at work! Now all I need is a WiiU to try out Pokken Tournament.

Next is this haul I've held off for a while. I saw that the Charmander pop made it's way over, and nabbed him. Also was the Mega construx set that was on clearence (and was cheaper then the price on the sticker) I mainly wanted to keep it for Porygon and Onix, and was planning to sell the rest buuuuuuuut....

..... This set had other plans.... a labor inducing 7.5 hours later....

The set is all put together, and with several spare parts remining in the pokeball too! (Were some of them even needed for this set?)

Easiest one to put together: Staryu

Hardest one: Onix

Needless to say, I got attached to them after putting them togehter, so I didn't want to split them up ^^;;;

Now for the close up!

These have so many tiny pieces that I was afraid of losing any, but I didn't. Hoo Porygon, what have you done?! XD

Onix, your head was a pain, but worth it! His mouth can open and close too. if you plan on getting this set, I'll warn you that it's very time consuming.

Next are my gashipons from polahbear! My fav is Trubbish <3 and I love the pose for Furret.

Next is my package from my middleman!

Now it's my own set of the easter keychains, and other stuff!

I also couldn't resist the mudkip from late last year. I heard it was bigger then the ORAS releease, so I had to test that out...

Yup, he be bigger! What a size difference.

Also another package from my middleman, which was a 4 week wait.

Mainly stuff from the Lati@s promo!

I'm catching up with the Pokemon Dolls line, so I had to get Scolipede, since I have a super soft spot for it (caught a shiny venipede in both White and White 2) and it's adorable and fat.

This bracelet is beautiful! ;_; I tried to put it around Latias's neck, but it wasn't long enough.

Ever since they're release, I've wanted to hang them from the ceiling since to make them fly! I wanted to have Latias hang a bit lower, so she's looking at her brother, but with the way she was made... eehhh the neck weight makes her lean sideways XP These guys are really big and somewhat heavy, but that would have to go to Latios.

Next is this tin from Leo from fb. I LOVE this promo, but my wallet doesn't XD


Inside the tin were all of these delicious tarts <3 I'm tempted to order another tin just for more of these. 8 wasn't enough!

Last, but not least, was the Mr. Mime plush from the Detective Pikachu movie. It had been sold out for over two weeks in my area before I got to see it (my review for it.... ehhhhh.......), but the Mr. Mime plush was adorable. I've been meaning to get him sooner, but kept forgetting. I think his overall plush design is cuter then what he really lookis like. i think it's the eyes XD

Well, that was everything in this update. Thanks for reading everyone!

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