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Another small sale

Went to go visit the house I'll probably be moving into soon so here's more re-homing of plush :)

*Sales permission granted 03/24/14 by allinia
*Ships from VA, USA
*Domestic + International shipping
*Pet friendly, smoke free home
*PayPal only

Pokemon Center Fluffy Eevee MWT $75
JP Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix Plush MWT $20
JP Chiku Chiku Sewing Vulpix Plush MWT $45
JP Pokemon Center Transform Ditto Alolan Vulpix MWT $18
JP Alolan Vulpix Pokedoll MWT $18
JP Alolan Vulpix Hooded Pikachu MWT $40
JP Vulpix Hooded Pikachu MWT $20

2017 Christmas Alolan Vulpix MWT $60
Snow Festival Alolan Vulpix MWT $35
Alolan Vulpix/Pikachu Coaster $3
Alolan Vulpix/Pikachu Clear card $3

JP Life size Mimikyu MWT $40
Pikachu head cusion MWT $15
JP Pokemon Time Cosmog Mascot MWT $20
JP Pokemon Time Alolan Vulpix Mascot MWT $20

**Not my image**
US DX Pikachu Pokedoll TTO $15

My eBay lots are still up as well :) I lowered the starting bids on each. Eevee lot is at the starting bid if you wanted a chance at it before its sold!

s-l1600 (2).jpgs-l1600 (3).jpg
Tags: eevee, sales, vulpix
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