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Latest Gets! and Collection Update!

Hey guys! So as soon as I said that I wanted to officially start collections for Latias and Victini, and recently deciding on small side collections for Dragonite, Lapras and dog Pokemon, I have been getting a ton of packages in the mail recently! So much so that I'm trying to slow down as I am going to Anime Expo and NYC (more importantly the Nintendo World Store) later this summer, so I have to make sure that I'll have funds for those, haha!

Gets will be under the cut, as this post will be very photo heavy overall!

Here it is altogether, holy cow! Very Latias heavy, but a lot of other things mixed in there as well!

Here are the charms and flats! Lots of Latias and Dragonite stickers (thanks stocky101!), ddakji (thank you again silvallyzel!), and the Petite charms I got as a set from Mercari! Another priority find as been obtained! Still looking for the Pastel Petite plush charm though...

Latias plush! I got the MPC from a user on FaceBook, the Mega plush from the PC USA site, and preordered the recent promotion plush from mega_quilava! In the front are the 2018 McDonald's toys! Got those on an auction on eBay! In the back too are the starter Pokemon plush from the PC USA site! Turtwig was my first and therefore a special starter for me, and I instantly fell in love the Torterra plush when I saw him online, so I had to get him too!! They were part of a birthday gift for myself, which was on May 21 ^^

Detective Pikachu! I fell in love with the movie, so I really wanted to get some merch from it! I love the noise making WCT plush and the Pikachu from that set, they're adorable! So I had to get those two to accompany the Snubbull I already had. But I absolutely fell in love with the 1:1 WCT Pika, he's so huge and cuddly, he's perfect! And I won the middle determined Pika in the back from Toreba!

For my Victini collection, a Poncho Pikachu! Also got the Rowlet Poncho cuz I love Rowlet too. And for the first addition to my new Lapras side collection, the US version of the fit plush! I wanted to get the Dragonite line too but sadly all of them have sold out at this point ;v;. I also won that fuzzy Slowpoke from Toreba! Tried going for the Psyduck too but ended up being unsuccessful.

And last but not least, a MIB set of the 10th anniversary finger puppets! My original hunt was just to find the Lati puppet on its own, but when I saw a really good priced one from
fairychrissy, I had to go with them all instead! I am very happy with this find, thank you so much again FairyChrissy!!

Additionally, as soon as uni ended, when I got home I was in a sort of cleaning kick, so I reorganized my display collection, so now I am doing a long awaited collection update!

This shelf is now dedicated to my collections! Latias is on the top in all her glory, and the other shelves will be for Victini, Dragonite and Lapras! Hoping to start my dog Pokemon collection here too once I some to display!

These shelves and my bookcase are home to my 20th anniversary plushes, and various other PokeDolls and plushes!

My other case is now where the starter PokeDolls roam! Even tried my best to organize them by generation too!

On that bottom shelf, figures and charms!

That will be all for today! Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!
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