SpikeRChick (spikerchick) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Detective Pikachu Wants!

Here's to hoping I can get my birthday wish from some of the lovely, helpful trainers on here! Once again, I am sorely late to the party on the DP swag and need some assistance!
DEARLY looking for the Bulbasaur Wal-Mart Promo card and the 7-11 DP and Snubbull straws.
Secondarily looking for the DP movie promo card and the DP Mewtwo promo card (WHAT was that even FROM, anyway lol!?) Since the Bulbasaur card is OSTENSIBLY free and the straws are 99 cents apiece and 7-11s are LITERALLY ubiquitous, I would PREFER to do a meetup in the Northern Virginia area (more details upon confirmation) and I WILL pay back for the straws and time/effort involved. I am asking for help on these because I am recovering from a nerve injury in my leg at the moment and despite stores/promos being relatively common, MY access in particular is limited. I would prefer NOT to pay ebay/online shipping, however if such is possible, only because I don't want to buy the whole set of the straws or pay a squintillion dollars for ONE card shipped from, say, Nevada if someone can ship it Media Mail from, IDK, Richmond. Makes life easier, no? As aforementioned, any help is GREATLY appreciated and thanks in advance.
Tags: bulbasaur, cards, meetup, mewtwo, pikachu, snubbull, wants
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