Tom (stocky101) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More Pics of Gen 2 Fits!

Hi comm! Sorry for posting so close together but I thought I’d just let everyone know that there have been some more pics of the Fits that come out this Saturday released!

First off -ぬいぐるみ_Pokemon_fit&page=3
From the bottom of this page ^^^^ and onwards there’s the listings for the gen 2 Fits on the official Pokemon Centre Japan!

And secondly -
^^^^ Some close ups of a couple from the Pokemon Daisuki Club (pretty sure that’s the name!).

I’ve put preorders in for too many after I saw these pics! I couldn’t resist these are all the ones I’m getting...

What are your thoughts on all the plushes released? Are there any you weren’t planning to get but the pics have changed your mind, or are there any that you’re disappointed with?

As always, thanks!~~
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