Sarah Ciraulo (crashdiamond182) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sarah Ciraulo

Swirly Collection Update + two grails I didn't know existed achieved!

Hello again! So lately, I haven't been super into Pokemon collecting anymore, but while bumbling around on eBay, I found an absolute unit. A gem, a beaut, a true good boy.

Behold! My first Poliwhirl mirage! He's from Taiwan, according to the seller. More pics below the cut!

He's absolutely the best addition to my collection! Speaking of which~

I've gotten some new additions to my Poliwhirl and squishy collection, excluding the rare mirage boi.

I went up to a handblown glass shop in northern Georgia and got this devilishly handsome looking fella! I also got this clip dudes(?) a while back and I have no earthly idea what they are so if anyone has any info on them, that'd be wild!!

And for my second grail, I found a Poliwhirl squishy! I almost screamed. And the Gengar and Ditto are recent additions too!

Aaaand last but definitely not least, here's an update on my squishy collection! I know I'm still missing Ditto, I'll give my kidney for him. Lemme know if I'm missing any others!! AND of course, I'm always looking for Poliwhirl stuff that I don't have.

Also I've been thinking about making a website for my squishy collection. Any website suggestions? :D

Thanks for reading! Bye for now c:
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