tenkohime (tenkohime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What are these?

I bought a lot of Bandai Pokemon Kids and they arrived last night. Some of the things in the lot aren't Bandai Pokemon Kids and I need help IDing them. Photos are under the cut.

The Sky Form Shaymin and Croagunk have Tomy and 2008 on them. The Chansey has Tomy on it. The smaller Snorunt has Tomy and 2005 on it. The larger Snorunt has 2006, Nintendo, and Pokemon on it. The Castform and Minun have 2006, Nintendo, and Pokemon on them. The Dusknoir and Virizion have Nintendo and Pokemon on them. The Aggron's head, legs, and tail are articulated and it does a headbutt action, and it has Hasbro and 2004 on it. The larger Piplup, The Patrat and Prinplup both have peg holes in their feet, but they don't have any branding or trademark information on them. The smaller Piplup, Mime Jr., and Klinklang don't have any branding or trademark information on them, but Klinklang has a peg hole on it. The blue duck Quagsire looking finger puppet that is not a Pokemon has Bandai and 1997 on it.

Tags: aggron, castform, chansey, croagunk, dusknoir, klinklang, mime jr., minun, patrat, piplup, prinplup, shaymin, snorunt, virizion
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