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Gen 2 Fit Plush Arrival + Custom Plush gets! <3

Hey everyone <3 I got a two custom plush and my first lot of gen 2 Fit Plush in the mail the other day! Super excited to show them off, here's a teaser hehe! Picture heavy under the cut. c:

Custom plush first!

My Sobble and Helioptile babies from The Bearded Sewist!! He did a preorder on the Sobble he made just after the starters were announced and I caved fast and hard hehe! He then opened commissions... and I just had to have a matching Helioptile. I asked for them to be looking up/down at each other! I consider them lizard cousins, and I made them a cute scarf to share. <3 <3 <3 Here's some pics of them without the scarf so you can see the details! (Also throughout this post Sugarstich's Helioptile and Ren-chan's Noivern will be saying hello in the background haha!)

Their heads are super flat (which I find hilarious) but they can hold hands when they're facing each other. ;u; Even though after E3 my hype for Sword+Shield has been cut pretty dramatically I still love Sobble! I can't wait to see the evolutions!

Okay onto the main event - fit plush! This is actually part one of two lots I'm getting, the second part was shipped today so expect another post from me in a week when I get my shelves all set up hehe!

My cute babes! The second pic has the two fit plush I ordered for friends - Teddiursa and Celebi. Though they aren't staying in my collection I thought I'd show them off too! Overall I'm happy with my choices! Will go into detail for each plush though. c:

Chinchou!! This is definitely my favourite of the fit plush I got. Chinchou was my favourite Pokemon back in the day so I was so so so excited for them to finally make a plush! I'd been thinking about getting a commission for a beanie style Chinchou plush so I'm glad I waited, this is all I wanted and more. <3 They actually put wire in his antenna so you can pose it how you like! I was really hoping that's how they'd do it but my expectations were super low, I'm so happy they went for it! You can even stand them straight up and they'll stay like that haha! The only thing I don't like about this plush (so far, haven't displayed on a shelf yet) is that when it's sitting you can't see the cute little mouth ;o; But maybe I'll make a little cushion for his chin <3

Bayleef was another I was really excited for, out of the Chikorita line Bayleef is my clear favourite <3 I love how they made the chubby tail and the leaf on top is slightly wired! It doesn't pose as well as Chinchou's antenna but it stands up great at least!

I adore how far apart Aipom's legs are from each other haha! He's so happy. ;u; He takes a lot of coaxing to sit up properly and his tail is unfortunately sewn onto the back of his head, but he's still a cutie! I wanted to cut the threads attaching his tail to his head but they did it so tight I'd run the risk of accidentally cutting through the fabric ;A; So on his head it stays haha..

They did such a great job on Girafarig! I was really worried because I was disappointed with how they did Ponyta but I was pleasantly surprised <3 Such a sweet face, and a cheeky little tail! I also really appreciate that they utilized printed minky for the back spots and colour change!

Poor Sneasel seems to have a growth on the left side of his head haha! I do really like him still, even if he's a little unfortunate :'D I really like how they did his rake claws!

I'm.. kinda sad at how Suicune turned out. u_u It was the one I was most worried about because all of the official Suicune plush so far have chubby faces when Suicune's is supposed to be petite, and.. yeah this one is a little better than others but she has such an unfortunate neck. I dunno, maybe I was just way too hopeful for it haha. :'D I do find it really interesting how they did the ribbons, it's twisted fabric sewn in between the legs to keep it twisted and neat.

Teddiursa for one of my friends! I love his super round tail, so cute <3

Celebi for another friend! Just thought I'd show a little more of it since no-one has post detailed pics of it here. It's a little sad but Celebi doesn't really sit up well, it's head is too heavy so it will topple. :c A very cute plush though, very sweet face! The wings are made of what feels like a mix of cotton and satin, super nice!

And that's all! Next time I'll be getting Houndour, Houndoom and Clefairy from the first wave. <3 I'm waiting for them to arrive before I re-organise my shelves.. Kinda putting it off at the moment haha! I'll make another post when they arrive and show them off when they're all sitting on the shelves together. Thanks for reading, hope you're having a great day/night! C:

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