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Weeding Sales!

Hello! I've been trying to cut down on my collection (at least with the stuff I don't have an attachment to because I at least plan on buying more Fit/Sitting Cuties plush in the future, haha <3 ), so here's a quick sales post! All of this stuff is new or like new unless otherwise stated.


Sales are under the cut!


- I was granted sales permission on April 27th, 2018 by areica96.
- Link to my feedback:
- Feedback would be greatly appreciated after buying from me!
- All PKMNcollectors rules apply.
- All prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping and Paypal fees.

- I ship from the United States and will ship internationally (please be patient with me though as I’ve only shipped internationally a few times).
- Shipping starts at $3 for the US, but will go up depending on the number of items, weight and where it’s headed (international).
- I ONLY accept payment through Paypal.
- I'm willing to trade, but ONLY for certain items. Feel free to ask! Here's a list of items I'm looking for:
- I will try and ship out items on the same day or the next as soon as I receive payment! It all depends on what day and the hours of my local post office. I'll let you know when I'll be shipping out your item though!
- Once I ship out the items, I am not responsible for them, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I do not accept refunds or returns.

- I will consider offers, but only if they stand within reason.
- Feel free to ask any questions or for any pictures of the items.
- Feel free to ask for quotes.
- Please make it clear in your comment if you are committed to the item or not.
- I will hold items, but only if it’s a serious commitment.
- I do own a cat and a dog, so please be aware of that if you have allergies!


2010 Japanese PC Emboar Plush w/ detached handtag - $30
Tomy Cubchoo w/ detached handtag - $8
JAKKS Talking Monferno - $10
JAKKS Lugia w/ handtag (tag is a bit crumpled) - $15
2016 PC Cyndaquil Secret Base Pokedoll Clip w/ detached handtag - $32
JAKKS Wooper - $25
JAKKS Explorers of Sky Piplup - $28 SOLD
JAKKS Cleffa - $5
2005 PC Chikorita Pokedoll - $20
Marill Coin Purse (made by Pyramid) - $5

2004 Hasbro Blaziken - $45 SOLD
2004 Hasbro Flygon - $50 SOLD
2004 Hasbro Grovyle - $55 SOLD

Or the whole set for $130

Large Tomy Froakie (in loved, played with condition) - $15
Super DX Banpresto Froakie w/ handtag - $20


JAKKS Mesprit, Roserade, Sudowoodo - $30
Tomy Midnight Lycanroc - $10
Tomy Midday Lycanroc (x2) - $12

2017 MCD Lunala - $1
2017 MCD Pikachu - $1
2017 MCD Solgaleo - $1
2019 MCD Zekrom - $1.50
2019 MCD Dialga - $2
2019 MCD Palkia - $2
2019 MCD Tornadus - $2
2019 MCD Thundurus - $2
2019 MCD Latios - $2.50 SOLD
2019 MCD Latias (x2) - $2 ONE SOLD

(All tomy figures show signs of wear except for Munchlax)

JAKKS Charizard - $35
JAKKS Magmar - $12
JAKKS Togetic - $25
JAKKS Grovyle - $15
JAKKS Torterra - $8
Tomy Munchlax - $1
Tomy Cubone - $1
Tomy Popplio - 50 cents
Tomy Litten - 50 cents
Tomy Pikachu - 25 cents
Tomy Pichu - 25 cents


Pokemon Rummy Card Game - $5


(Deoyxs coin, Lucario coin, and bundle of Pokemon cards are all free with purchase)

Thanks for looking!
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