happycharmander (happycharmander) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales: Rare Takara Tomy Mascots

Been thinking of listing these for a while but they're just so unique I kept putting it off! Pretty sure these cuties would make someone's day though so here they are!

Sales permission granted by dewott on 4/15/13
Feedback here
Payment through Paypal
I ship from the USA, generally Monday, and these guys look like shipping is about $5 domestic and $12+ international

Only the bottom row has hang tags
Corsola, Chickorita, and Furret are $70 each, Wobbufett, Psyduck, and Houndour are $65 each, and Espeon is $60
(Haven't seen these for sale in several years so if the prices changed, let me know and I'll make adjustments)
Happy weekend guys! c:
Tags: chikorita, corsola, espeon, furret, houndour, plush, psyduck, tomy, wobbuffet
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