SpikeRChick (spikerchick) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Still On The Lookout, Fellow Trainers!


Like it says on the tin, I am still looking for two pieces of DP merchandise, one being the DP 7-11 straw, JUST DP his own cute self and the Wal-Mart Bulbasaur Promo SM 198. If anyone in the Northern VA USA area has a lead on either or both of those, that would be AMAZING! I would *prefer* to pick them up in-person (to save on shipping and to insure a completed transaction) but leave us see how things work out. Also, IF there us a Detective Pikachu movie promo card OF DP available for a ~reasonable~ price, great, if not I am not pushing my luck lol!
Tags: bulbasaur, meetup, pikachu, pokemon, wants
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