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Some New Shiny gets including prize Mega Gengar set!

Today I received another package all the way from Japan and wanted to share the contents with you.
A little while back i started collecting Shiny Pokemon merch and today I received some more!
There is more on the way but I couldn’t wait to share some pics.

More pics and info under the cut!

Yes! I never ever thought that i would ever own this set. The only few times i’ve seen some of these sets for sale they were 1k or above. I got lucky with this one since no one really bid against me.
This set includes a Shiny Mega Gengar Moncolle figure, a Mega Ring and a Shiny Gengar Tretta.
Only 1000 were given away as a prize!

This is just an amazing find and i love it! When i saw this for sale i jumped on it right away!
This piece of cardboard was on the inside of a Gachapon machine for the Pokemon Zoroark master of illusions movie Zukan set. Featuring Shiny Entei, Shiny Suicune and Shiny Raikou!

2 more Shiny kids figures obtained. Just 4 more to go to complete the set!
Unfortunately Lotad is not in the best shape but hopefully i will come across another one in better condition. They were sold as a set and Chimecho was in amazing condition.

Now onto some cool shiny PC charms! Shiny Mega Gardevoir, Shiny Mega Gengar, Shiny Magikarp & Shiny Gyarados 2009 charms, 2012 Nagoya charm set including Shiny Magikarp and 2 Pikachu with hats. >w<

Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Mega Gengar Spangle charms, Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Mega Gengar broche and a Keychain featuring SM Gardevoir, SM Gengar and Ash-Greninja.

A (Not for Sale) Pokemon center Halloween clear card featuring Shiny Mimikyu. And a Shiny Noctowl Ramen sticker! I am really excited about this sticker!

And last but not least. A Shiny PatchWork Beams Pikachu plush and the plush keychain.
Bulbasaur mascot plush.

Thank you for taking a look! Until next update!
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