chihiiiro (chihiiiro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ISO / show me your Johto collections!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

I've done quite a bit of collection changes over these past few months. I decided to sell most of my Sylveon / Eevee collection, as there was just too much merch for me to keep up with T__T I do still love both Pokemon dearly though.

With that being said, I've decided to focus mainly on Gen II merch as I find most of it to be really interesting and unique! I'm curently editing my wants list / researching new stuff to hunt for but for now I have two things!


1. I was researching Quagsire merch and I discovered this little round dude that's supposed to be a common bootleg? I'm absolutely in love with him?? If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell / could point me in the direction of one I'd greatly appreciate it!

2. I'm really interested in seeing everyone else's Johto collections! Any type of merch, and of any Pokemon! I'm just curious to see what other unique merch is out there.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

Tags: plush, quagsire, wants
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