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Gets and Sales!

OMG did I get some amazing stuff lately! Let's get started! Gets under the cut! (Sales, wishlist, and NEW SITE after cut!)

Okay first off, I got this amazing commission done by Elise. Shes amazing! Can't wait to get this as a tattoo!

Now I just need a Deino print for my wall lol

Next up! These babies!

So okay, the Korean can badge is awesome, got it in a lot of the full can badge set (rest are listed in my sales). Same with the Pencil cap!(rest of pencil cap lot are in my sales now) I just like it because its so tiny and looks great displayed with all my pencils and stamps lol.

And then...

IT'S THE FREAKING WATCH THATS BEEN ON MY WISHLIST FOR 6, SIIIIIIX, YEARS! Like omg... Now I only have like two main wants left.. This baby doesn't even show signs of it being worn, at all! I haven't been this excited about merch gets in a while, but phew.. This baby takes the cake.

Thanks for reading through if ya did! I recently moved from Weebly to Wix, so here is my brand spanking new, updated site!

My current wishlist!

Jakks prototype figure (Dream Grail status)

Hydreigon mini puzzle, Glow in the dark Ensky magnet, and the Zweilous Dot Sprite Charm (highest priority right now)

Tags: deino, gets, hydreigon, sales, wants, zweilous
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