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New Fit Plush + Small Collection Update!

Got my last few fit plush in the mail and finally have them all set up together! I also organised some of my figures with new raisers, more pics under the cut. c:

After the Gen 2 fit plush came out I really saw how charming Houndour and Houndoom were so I had to get them. ;u; Clefairy was a regret from when Gen 1 came out haha, I got one for my friend and Clefable for myself and then every time I'd go over to my friend's house Clefairy would just stare at me.. So I caved haha!

Such a good boy ;u; I love his sharp little snoot!

I adore his chubby little tail!

I had this Clefairy in the back of my mind since the Gen 1 release, so glad I don't have to think about it anymore. :'D

So happy to finally have all my Gen 2 babies on display! I was worried they wouldn't all fit on one shelf but it just works. ;u; I love them! I hope Gen 3 is announced soon.. c;

This is the shelf underneath, just thought I'd show my amigurumi collection!

I got the new Chesnaught plush, he's so handsome! His arms and legs are slightly poseable, though he's much bigger than I expected and doesn't really fit in my bookcases super well. ;o; I wanted to have him sit over the side of the shelf but it wasn't going to happen haha! Oh well, I love him anyway. <3 And I forgot to add this pic in my last update but when I made the together scarf for my Bearded Sewist Sobble and Helioptile customs I made this huge one first. It didn't work out like I intended so I was pretty bummed until I realised it worked really well with this large booty Helioptile! Now he can keep warm. <3

Some of my figure collection, I recently shuffled things around because I found some really cool hexagonal display thingies at daiso! I I want to buy enough to have the whole back of the shelf covered! They work really well with the terrariums. c:

Speaking of terrariums, I bought one of the Pikachu on a log terrariums from Vol.1 to put an extra PitaPoke Helioptile in! I think it works out so nicely. <3 Since Helioptile gets no merch now I have to make my own or get customs from the lines I like. It's kinda fun but also kind of frustrating. :'D Hopefully they release something with my boy on it again in the future. <3

Anywho, thanks for reading! I hope you're having a great day. <3

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