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Custom wood charms and commissions!

Hello comm! It's been a loooong time since I posted, but I am back with a new type of custom - laser cut wood charms (and possibly boxes). I have some premade eevees for sale too :)

DSC_1363 (Large)

Premades for sale

 Please read my general sales rule here, with my shipping info and such!
I need your country to calculate shpping but it would be around $3-4 without tracking and $6-8 with tracking

DSC_1364 (Large)
Eevee wood charms, ready to ship, about 5cm tall.
2.5D eevees - (black/ white straps - they are a little different) - $8 each
Flat eevee (3rd one from left) - $6
Flat eevee (leftmost, I messed up some vectoring on this) - $4

There is a tiny cut on the back of the 2.5D eevees which was due to a error in my drawing which I didn't notice until I took the photos u_u If you are interested in perfect ones they will be $10 each.

DSC_1367 (Large)
DSC_1368 (Large) DSC_1369 (Large)

DSC_1360 (Large)
DSC_1362 (Large)DSC_1361 (Large)
Leather Rowlet charm, around 2.8cm tall some acrylic painted details - $6
this is pretty much a failed version since I used the wrong type of glue and it ended up penetrating the leather and left a mark x_x

DSC_1358 (Large)
I also have some boxes, they can be found on my sales (top part) since they are non-pokemon.


Price guide, these are rought guidelines and depend on complication.
Most charms will be around 5-6cm tall/ long. If you refer a bigger size let me know.
They are made of 2 layers of 2mm/ 3mm plywoods, so will be around 4-6mm thick. Please note that due to the nature of laser cutting, burn marks are unavoidable but I will try to keep them to minimum.

Flat 2-sided charm (or standee) : $12-$18, additional charms of the same design for $6 each
2.5D charms (or standee) : $15-$25, additional charms of the same design will be half the commissioned price each

(e.g. If I quoted you $18 for a 2.5D charm, you can pay $9 for one more ($27 total for 2 charms!)

Boxes or other things: Case by case basis depending on the design you want and size.

Payment 1 ( To be paid before I start working):  Full commission charge unless otherwise agreed, + pp fees
Payment 2 (After completion): Postage / packaging + pp fees

Let me know your country if you want a postage estimation. I ship from Hong Kong, smaller items like charms should cost around $3-4 for most country (untracked) and around $6-8 with tracking.

Estimated finish time: First week of August
Sketches of the design will be shown before I proceed to drawing the file for cutting :)

Slots: (No limit on how many items you can commission, I have a 2-week holiday with almost no plan so plenty of time to work on things!)
1. nerucake
2. squeakaree
3. silvallyzel
4. schenzi
5. silverwolf4795
6. emeraz
7. deranged_girl

Thanks as always! 
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