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Pokemon Go Fest, summer gets and oddity collections!

Hey, all! Not long after my recent trip to New York City, I went to Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago!

It was a really special experience, and I'm so thrilled I got to go! It was fantastic being in a city where everyone was wearing Pokemon shirts and carrying around plushies and playing Go constantly.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see they actually had a Pokemon Center Store set up on the park grounds. The line split in two at the front if you were getting just shirts or other items.

These were the non-shirt items! Mostly stuff from the PC website, though I was honestly surprised by some of the rarer items. Unfortunately, everything sold out really quickly, which they marked with a red dot sticker. At least they had a decent supply of shirts - they had the grey Go Fest shirt and shirts for the 3 teams. We saw people with even nicer Go Fest shirts in black, but it turns out you had to specifically win one of those from the events at the park.

We got in line around 8:30am on Saturday morning, and the store was supposed to open at 9am, and it wound up taking 2 hours to get our items and pay. I would definitely get in line even earlier in the future so as to make the most of our play-time!

Here are my Go Fest gets! They freely gave out the Pikachu visors and stickers, but I was desperate to win a prize - either a shirt or team logo keychain. I must have spent at least 2 hours trying to win something at the different team lounges and other stages, and I finally got lucky at one of the smaller stages in the Fairy Garden. The keychain is kind of low quality, but I'm happy to have it! I also wanted to keep one of the cool signs from the Trading Outpost - super cute!

Goodies from the Silph Road after-party on Saturday night! I'm a staff member over at TSR, a global Pokemon Go community, and I volunteered and attended the party at Lucky Strike. I got the leadership package with my shirt, lanyard, ID card and pin, and some lovely members also gave out a few freebies. It was super fun, and I got to meet some lovely TSR members and cool YouTubers from around the world!

I also got a few lovely gets from my birthday!

My partner commissioned this lovely art piece of us from Fake Gamer Girl Comics, and got it beautifully framed! I've always wanted a cool commission of my and my favourite Pokemon and that this one includes my hobby (baking) and partner is just so rad! <3

A friend who loves fountain pens also got me this gorgeous and official Pokemon Lamy fountain pen! It's an absolutely gorgeous set, and the case is supposed to say "Pika Pika!" when you open it (provided you throw in some batteries). I can't wait to go ink shopping and give it a whirl!

And lastly, some convention gets! Most of these were actually items I had prepaid and was just picking up - the Pokemon food stickers are by Aaron Schmit, and the poster and Bewear cupcake are by HeyButterbee! I was so stoked to find the 3D-printed cookie cutters by linhorama!

And some oddity collections!

My Pokemon clothing! I really love a lot of these, including the custom Mew painted shirt and Mewtwo/Mew PJ top from my partner.

I'm so happy I've been able to cultivate such a cute Pokemon cookie cutter collection! Here’s how the Substitute cookies, 3D-printed Pokemon, and starter Pokemon cookies came out!

I've amassed a pretty sweet collection of custom Pokemon food flats, haha! These are all just cute enough to die for, and I'm constantly finding more and more artists making Pokemon food pins and the like. It's dangerous, haha.

Most of my Pokemon custom flats! I've mostly amassed these from conventions or as gifts over the years, and most are just too previous to use! <3

Thanks for reading!
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