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hi there! i've been lurking here for a while but i'm a newer member. i have a small collection of shaymin (specifically land forme) merch, which i'm slowly building upon. i also have some other various pokemon plushies! love seeing everything you guys post... and i'm always looking for more shaymin stuff!

here's my shaymin collection! really big fan of the center shaymin plush. it came out in january of this year, but is sold out pretty much everywhere. despite this, i can't really find any images or information about it anywhere else other than the stock photos... i assume its supposed to be the shaymin from the sun/moon anime but i havent gotten around to translating any of the text on the box. its really cute and squishy!

close up of the figures/charms. the center figure is the 2008 tomy figure. its a little worn but still cute. the charm on the left is the sun/moon netsuke phone charm and then the one on the right i think is some unofficial acrylic charm? my friend got it for me as a gift years ago, but not sure from where.

finally, my other plushes. i have a jakks talking piplup lying around somewhere as well haha. the skitty is from nintendo world in NYC, the mincinno is a jakks plush, and the mew is a veryyy old and well loved pokedoll. i got that online when the original pokemon center was up before they closed it. a childhood friend ripped the stitching connecting the tail to the head but honestly i kinda like it better that way!
nice to meet you all!
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