lizrey15 wrote in pkmncollectors

Quick Questions

Hello everyone! So I have been seriously collecting for just over a year now and have been trying to figure out how re-releases work. It seems like companies like Sekiguchi and Re-ment do periodical re-releases while the Pokemon Center will only restock for up to six months or so. Is this true? The source of this inquiry is that I want to buy a full set of the Alola EX Terrarium set Vol 1 and am wondering if I should wait to see if they re-release them in a year or so. Websites like AmiAmi seem to get restocked somewhat frequently but if you all think I should just go buy a set (even though it is now double the original price) then I will go ahead and do that. 

Final question is, is anyone familiar with the seller Asakura? I was using that website a lot towards the beginning of the year but they appear to have stopped stocking anything since April.  

Thanks so much everyone!


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