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Clay Sculpture Commissions!

Hey, everyone! I'm opening up commissions on my clay figures!

I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11
I ship from Janesville, WI
Shipping starts at $5.00 for boxes as these are too fragile to go in padded envelopes, international varies. (Base is $16 for a box.)
Paypal Only.
My home is smoke-free, but I do have two cats. Please be aware of this if you are allergic to them.
Feedback Link!

This round I'm opening up commissions for two different types of clay figures!

The first is my "Chonk" style. This is my style of dragons (which you can see more of here on my Instagram) with the particular Pokemon's features. They very in size, but are generally 2 in by 2 in. Below are pictures of the Charmander line and a Bulbasaur.

The other style is my "Bean" version! So, they're small little beans with very simplified versions of the Pokemon's features. Below are Bulbasaur and Charizard. They're approximately 1 in by 1 in.

The deets!

The Chonks range from $20 on up. The small ones (Like the Charmander and Charmeleon) would be $20, ones with complexity and size of Charizard will be $25. Price will depend on the size and complexity of the Pokemon.

The beans range from $15 on up. Because of the simplification of these little ones, most will be the $15 unless it's like a super crazy design, but I'd likely have to simplify it anyway.

These are made from polymer clay with glass eyes (beads and/or cabochons). Each is handmade by me. Wait time is approximately a week, generally will be faster, but give me at least a week to get them all done.

I'm opening 10 slots altogether. Each slot can have up to 2 Pokemon, but if all the slots aren't filled in a few days, I'll allow each person to claim 1 or 2 more Pokemon.

I do offer just regular chibi Pokemon (I made a Yamper that I have to post on my Instagram), but as they are harder for me to do, they would be more expensive ($30+).

If you have any questions, please ask! And check out my Instagram for more examples of my work!


1. Silvallyzel - Silvally Bean - Done
2. Diamondphantom - Shiny Carbink
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