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Re-intro and some old-new gets

I have risen like a phoenix Beast Trio from ashes.

I had to put on hold my collection for a while due to some *insert sad personal reasons*. Lack of motivation and social anxiety have been keeping me away from most of social media. As for collection, right now I cannot get so much merch I used to. Without much spare money to spend and with new interests in other anime I stopped visiting this Community. I stumbled upon it randomly last week and I haven't realized how much I missed it until then.

Maybe I'll be back here mostly as a lurker, but before commenting randomly on someone's post I thought that I re-introduce myself (or maybe introduce, since I see many new users here).

So, I'm Margo, I love Pokemon and my absolute favorites are these from second generation. When I first heard about Pokemon it was about time Johto was announced. Therefore these Pokemon will always hold a special place in my heart. But among these are three that I adore from the bottom of my heart; Raikou, Entei and Suicune. Since I watched third Pokemon movie I loved Entei and I thought of it as the most powerful Pokemon (I mean, it could grant wishes!), later I was introduced to Suicune, which I thought is the most beautiful Pokemon in the world, and later I discovered Raikou, which I thought as the coolest Pokemon ever (a sabretooth tiger! I was obsessed with sabretooths back then!). Now you can see I couldn't pick a favourite. Their positions were switching, depending on my mood, but no other Pokemon could take a place at a podium. (I have a weak spot for all quadruped Pokemon, especially these cat-like and dog-like, but none could compete with Beasts).

I had a brief pause in my liking of Pokemon during middle school. I was thirteen and mature and didn't need any of these childish hobbies. In high school I randomly started collecting Pokemon cards (I always liked collecting items, from stamps and stickers to cards and gems). With cards I got some random pieces of merch, like figures and mascots. Not any specific Pokemon - I was buying what was available in stores or on flea market.
At some point I thought: "I always wanted a figure of Entei. It's time to fulfill my childhood dream". (My parents were skeptical about buying things online, the only item they have bought me via the Internet was an Entei promo card.) I remember attaching play-doh to figures of lions, trying to turn them into Entei. And then I got a real one (newer version of Tomy soft vinyl figure). It was big and beautiful, with carefully sculpted details. And this is how it all started.
I was getting more and more items with Entei, as it was the Pokemon I had the strongest emotional connection with. But lot of these items included an image of all three Beasts, or were designed as a set. At this point I started thinking: "is Entei seriously my fave of this trio? Maybe Raikou, who reminds me of my beloved cat? Or maybe beautifully coloured, graceful Suicune?" Again, I couldn't decide.

And this is how I'm here now:

It's my main cabinet, dedicated to Legendary Trio collection.

Second cabinet, that holds mostly Pikachu plushes from Japan and some anime merch, along with plushes that don't fit anywhere else.

And a secret space that hides the rest of Beast collection, items from Japan, some nostalgia items and TCG.

My collection hasn't grown much since my last post. I realize it's not the most impressive collection out there. There are so many items I'm still missing due to lack of funds or because I constantly miss the opportunity to get them. But I treasure every item I have. These I had intense bidwars over. The ones I got as a gifts from friends. The ones I was able to get personally. I'm really proud of my collection.

Also I thought I share some old highlights I never mentioned, despite getting them a loooong time ago. Some of them you probably have seen in previous photos, but you can take a closer look. :)
It's been a while since I bragged about my collection, so it's gonna be long (text heavy, photo heavy).

First, one of my grails.

Pokemon Battle Museum lottery figures.
These were Prize B (Prize A being a figure case, if I recall correctly) of a lottery held in 2000. Only 500 sets were made. These three eluded me so many times, but I was able to find a set still in box (figures themselves have never been unpacked before, even their stickers haven't been attached to figure bases). They look like a miniature versions of statues that could exist in real life. With a metallic sheen and the "old" look they remind me of these statues of lions you can see in old parks.

(Still with package)

Second is child size haori.

I don't have much more info about it. (If anyone here does have any I would appreciate it!) It came from a kimono rental service along with a kimono (not Pokemon).
It only has this tag:

But, considering it has only gen 2 Pokemon pictured, I suspect it must be from around 2000.

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I want an adult size so I could wear it. It has so many Johto Pokemon. And Beast Trio!

The colours are so vivid and it has shiny gold details.

More photos, but it looks 100 times more beautiful in person:

It's absolutely stunning. I can only imagine how happy a child that had a chance to wear it must have been.

Next is Entei and Raikou cardboard TCG display.

When Pokemon "hype" started again here, my local shop ordered some cards, and this was the display for them. I was wondering if it's possible to get it somehow, but I was too scared to ask about it. My mom talked to one of the shop assistants and they agreed to give it to me when the cards will be sold out (and even attached a note to it saying "reserved, don't sell or throw away" xD).

Pokemon Fit from the My 251 campaign. These are ADORABLE! Entei and Raikou look so grumpy and Suicune is so thin it looks like a legendary noodle from the front.

Different straps and keychains.
Acrylic keyholder is a commemorative merchandise released for Kyoto Pokemon Center renewal campaign "Make-Believe Elegant Tea Party". It's really pretty - I love that they decided to put flowers in the background, it adds extra pretty to it.
These mini metal charms are from "Pokemon I choose you!" 20th movie commemorative set. They are really small, and with the artwork used, remind me rather of something made during Zoroark movie era.
Entei is from Tomy Poke Metal Mascot gacha set made for 20th movie. I couldn't get it in gacha myself, and I got it as a gift from friend.

Beast Trio tissues pack. If you look closely you can notice Arceus print on the tissues. You could wipe your nose with the god of Pokemon. I find it hilarious for some reason xD

Pokemon Center Online postcard. It was given as a bonus to online orders in January 2018. It has Celebi on the back.

Ichiban Kuji Beast Trio pouch. These colours are so off it looks like a bootleg to me, to be honest.

DS stylus and mechanical pencil. These are rare and hard to find. The styluses were a part of Seven-Eleven campaign, and pencil is a promotional item from Celebi movie. I have yet to find other versions of the stylus and a pen counterpart.

Big Suicune seal sticker. So glittery it was hard to photograph!

Fourth movie keychain.

Metal movie mascot keychain. I love merch that references the third movie. It's a shame these thing yellows with age, though.

Second edition of metal charms released by Pokemon Center. I'm considering finding a second set so I can attach them somewhere and wear them. I love how detailed these are, and their dynamic poses, especially Entei's.

Celebi movie erasers. These are MIP, but the fact Suicune is upside down really annoys me (and I can't turn it without ruining the package...)

Oh Arceus, this bag is beautiful. It has small silhouettes of Three Beasts in the background, and Raikou itself is printed in dark gold colour.

Third movie post stamps.

Raikou monster badge still in package! And another Beast merch doomed to be forever upside down...

Third movie jar. It has movie logo and Pikachu with Pichu on the other sides. I wonder what was originally inside it. Maybe cookies or candy?

New Pokemon holder. Unfortunately Entei's wing has bent, but otherwise it's a really nice keychain.

Before I posted this entry I looked back at my old entries in this Community. And I must admit that I came a long way with my Pokemon collecting journey. Not only by acquiring items and gaining knowledge, but also meeting new people and being able to share joy and enthusiasm about Pokemon.

This post was long and personal, so thank you for reading <3 I apologize for any spelling errors or awkward grammar, it's been a while since I used English.
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