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Quick Gets

I have one more Rayquaza get to show off as he arrived a couple days ago. Techically, he was a grail, but not as high of priority as the Tomy deluxe sound figure. This guy was also from Tomy, and he always kind of reminded me of the "snake" figures I remember from when I was a kid. From what Ive noticed is that this one doesnt pop up too often either.

Picture of current Rayquaza collection and couple other gets under cut

With the addittions of both Tomy action and snake figure...I am actually pretty content with how the overall collection came out. I got the Retsuden stamp over a year ago, and awhile back found Rayquaza PokePark pens still in packaging (not shown in collection display pic BUT both pens are shown on my website).

Yes, I think the mascot looks cute sitting in the cup. XD

Minccino button (or also referred to as can badge). I was gonna put him on my camera bag, but now I am conflicted as to whether or not to remove it from packaging

Besides...there may be enough buttons on it anyway.

My Giratina collection was lacking a Pokedoll so nabbed this guy (TTO however) for a steal.

And also a quick sales plug...the TakaraTomy die are on the regular sales now for those who may still want to check them out

That is pretty much it for now. Ever since getting the two Rayquazas I havent been doing much, if any, browsing. 0.o It is mostly waiting on the overseas packages that been en route for awhile. Hope everyone been having a good weekend! For some tomorrow is back to the grind. -,-
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