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Play-by-Play Charizard fix up!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a nice July~ It's the middle of summer here, and I've been thinking about Fire Pokemon... namely Charizard! I know a lot of people are fed up with Gen 1 at this point (I still love it) and Charizard gets a lot of attention already, BUT... I can't help but love this iconic Pokemon, too. So I found an 18" Play-by-Play Zard for a good deal and snatched him up. One of my favorite posts on the comm is mothsicles' Charizard restoration post- I immediately thought of it when I went to fix up this big guy. My methods are a little different, but I thought you guys might wanna see some pics! This will be sort of a long post.

I was immediately worried when I received CharChar in the mail-

He was in pretty good shape, but completely covered in dog/cat hair. I'm glad I was home when the "package" arrived, because I don't want to think about what that garbage bag might have done to the fabric, if left in the heat. As you can see in this next pic, he still had the plastic bit that held the hang tag... I cut it off, but I thought it was kind of neat to see.

Now to get rid of the styrofoam-

I didn't want to pop his seams, so I opted to not turn it inside out. I spent a lot of time digging and vacuuming out styrofoam >_< The only bit I couldn't get to was the flame tip of the tail- It felt like it had been directly sewn onto the tail (with no opening through it), so I would have had to completely remove it to destuff it. Ended up leaving it as is with no problems!

After washing, I kept him in the pillowcase and dried him on low heat in my dryer. He dried really nicely! There was a tiny bit of extra styrofoam I had to vacuum off after drying, but otherwise-

I did another pass of vacuuming/lint rolling after closing the seam and brushed the fabric with a soft brush attachment from my vacuum.

And now... here he is all clean in the sun!! This is honestly such a beautiful plush- it's almost unbelievable that they were simply carnival/fair prizes. I really love that he's in the iconic 90's roar pose... there's just something SO nostalgic and purely "Pokemon" about that.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photo story!
Tags: 1st gen, charizard, plush
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