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NYC Gets! -And Plush Commissions- Slots Closed!!

Hey guys, I'm back from my NYC trip! It was my third time there, and lots of things did not go as I expected, but I did get to stop by Nintendo World for the third time too, so that was good at least!

It was cool to get the Liberty Pikachu in NY itself, I think it adds to the experience! And super excited to finally add something from the Arcanine line to my dog Pokemon collection! :D The Victini was something that I ordered from the online PC site on its free shipping day.

In other important news, I'm taking plush commissions! They're what I call my Peanut Plushies, as my style of plush so far kind of look like peanuts to me, haha (I've had friends also call them bowling pins, but I think peanuts were a cuter name lol)

My Peanut Plushes are kind of unique in their own way! I make them mostly out of fuzzy socks! And as I do this kind of on the side, I do not own a sewing machine, so each of them are hand sewn, stitch by stitch! I also attach little bead eyes, and felt noses when applicable! Below is an example of one I'm proud of at the moment, my shiny Latias peanut!

If you're interested, there is more info under the cut!

Here are some more examples of what I have done in the past, as well as more pics of the shiny Latias!

I know that Latias is my only Pokemon example, but I'm now open to take some Pokemon orders! However, there are a few limitations as to what I can make. For the moment, I would prefer Pokemon with simpler designs, so if you have a Pokemon in mind, let me know and I'll let you know if it's doable!

Additionally, as I work with socks, I'm only limited to a few colors, which are shown here (yellow is included, I just forgot to photograph it whoops)

But yeah, that's the gist of it! For Peanut plushes, those are at $25 and increase with complexity. I also offer little “head” round plushes that you see in the images above, and the starting price for those are $15.

I want to start off small, so I'll start off with offering 3 commission slots at the moment!

1. yoshineko33 - Lapras Peanut
2. chihiiiro - Quagsire Peanut
3. mega_quilava - Quilava Peanut

Thank you for looking! Make sure to also look at my sales policies linked outside of this cut please!

EDIT: All slots are closed!! Thank you so much guys! Don’t worry for those who still might be interested, I fully intend to continue to open slots for these in the future from time to time! So keep on the lookout for that! :D

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on May 7, 2019
For my sales policies, they can be found on my sales post here.

Thank you so much guys and have a wonderful day/night!
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