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June/July GETS! :D

Evening everyone!

Been a loooong time since my last post (at least it feels that way), but I've gotten quite a few new gets over the last couple months. I managed to track down a couple smaller grails as well! xDDD

Pictures below the cut!

Up first is Lapras!

20190726_163401.jpg Shikishi Art board (eBay)

20190724_121340.jpg Recent finger puppet release, and in-case figure! (eBay)

20190710_130452.jpg The It's DEMO plush and mascot plush! MUCH. MOCHI. SQUIIIIIIISH!!! xDDD (Iwantjapanstore)

20190731_221415.jpg The Singapore exclusive clear Tomy figure! This actually popped up on Mercari US as a set with the Celebi like it, but I asked if they would split it, and they obliged!

Next would be Glaceon/Eevee :D

20190726_163909.jpg The stained glass Glaceon charm!! I've been looking for this one for a good while now. Never found it at a great price by itself, and I almost caved and bought the entire set for it (and Eevee). Thank you fdarkly!

20190621_180931.jpg While roaming the deep recesses of eBay, I came across a lot of Glaceon plushes...WITH ONE OF MY GRAILS IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I scooped that up right quick! Trick Pose Glaceon..WITH THE TAG IN PERFECT CONDITION! I got so close to crying honestly. I wouldn't have to pay a riduculous price for a small plush ($249 eBay listing, I'm looking at you >.>)

20190701_222933.jpg Got a good group of vees from polahbear! Saikos, Dittos, Melodies, oh MY! I even found the Vulpix Petite fleur figure on Mercari US for a decent price. Now to find the Alolapix one >.<

20190731_220359.jpg 7-11 Malaysia Poke plates! A big thanks to "Fairychrissy" on the Discord server for helping me get these! I thought I'd have to wait awhile to track down an Alolapix plate. ^^;


20190715_190501.jpg20190715_190508.jpg20190715_190515.jpg20190715_190523.jpg20190715_190535.jpg  I participated in the Summer Exchange on the unofficial Discord, and my gifter gave me a 3D PRINTED VULPIX!!!! I had never seen something 3D printed before, and boy was it special! She's PERFECT. <3<3<3

20190726_163417.jpg Ninetails Shikishi Art Board (eBay)

20190720_163938.jpg Along with some more dice featuring Zoroark, Reshiram, Treecko, and Lapras from pokecats, I picked up some lovely orange bois from splash! The lying Tomy is so unbelievably soft, and the banpresto has such a grump face. Oh, and let's not forget the Ninetails finger puppet from Mercari US!

20190715_191013.jpg Picked up the Jakks Buizel as well! Gonna have a sea of orange soon ahaha. Also found a Mega Absol plush for a steal! I had hoped it was bigger than it was, but it is a lovely plush nonetheless. Oh, and a Raikou Big Can Badge! <3 Currently trying to track down a few of my collection pokemon that have one of these lovely badges. ^-^ (all these from Mercari US)


20190622_162700.jpg Picked up the DX Reshiram JP Pokedoll pretty cheap on eBay. Gotta say, I love how "chonk" he is! Now I NEED the Boss Costume one. I love his overdrive form, and if it's as "chonk" as this one, I'll be a happy camper. Also found a Lapras figure lot with some pretty nice figures in it. I adore the Battle Museum one. Such a unique pose!
Oh, and I got my Zorua/Zoroark ACEO card art from j_ule! I need to find a suitable frame for this masterpiece! Dx

20190731_193722.jpg Here's a group shot of my newly-expanded Reshiram collection! The bulk of it was from "Desolim" on the unofficial Discord group. I also managed to find the DX soufabi Reshiram on Mercari US for a great price!

20190719_163248.jpg Found this Deluxe Zoroark figure on Mercari US as well! I hadn't seen one for sale in a good while, so I was happy to finally have her in my grasp. ^-^


20190701_225449.jpg Got the lovely Fits from mega_quilava! Not gonna lie, I was looking forward to getting these two from the get go. Two of my favorites from Gen II :3

Treecko Line!

20190622_163510.jpg A bunch of Treecko line goodies from mega_quilava on Mercari US <3<3<3

20190709_130917.jpg The Tomy Mega Sceptile plush!! I didn't think I would find this plush so soon. It didn't come with the mega stone, but I didn't really care. <3 I love how festive Mega Sceptile's design is. (eBay)

20190701_225420.jpg The 2019 Pokemon Center posable Sceptile! Definitely a big boi, and rather soft, though not great for cuddling because of the wires haha. (eBay)

20190731_221354.jpgFrom one of the previous Terrarium Rement sets, Treecko and Entei, courtesy of "vulpes_iridus" on the Discord! I can't wait to see the Raikou one. Honestly, Entei was a little hard to figure out (or get to stay together long enough to close the terrarium), but still. Love these things!


20190731_193556.jpg Finally found an Amuse Ferret plush! He's a little loved, but a little bath and he we be squeaky clean again! At least until I hug him to death myself! xDDD

AAAAAAAAAAAAND....SALES PLUG! Got a few new items listed, so please come take a look!

Until the next time! Happy Collecting!!


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