Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reduced figure sales, some rare Plush too!

Hey ya'll!

I got a chance to get one of my favorite bird species (peach fronted conure!!!), so I'd like to clear out some of ye olde collection to get some extra funds for the bebe :)

I added a few plush I really don't need anymore, and reduced the prices on everything else, I need to majorly downsize, and want most of this stuff gone! Haggling is okay, within reason. And if anyone goes to my weebly, I'll be selling most of my plush collection soon, so feel free to inquire about that stuff too.
Cheers mates! :)

Sales Policy:
- Sales Permission granted by SKDarkDragon on July 8th, 2015.
- Feedback link here- http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feed​back/view/eboncharizard/
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned/non members.
- Prices are in USD
- Prices do not include shipping/ PayPal fees (I do charge 50-75 cents for materials), unless stated otherwise.
- I only accept PayPal at this time.
- First come, first served. Committing after someone asks for a quote on the same item definitely DOES NOT put you ahead of them. Sorry!
- You have 6 hours to respond to a quote after I give you one before the items move on to the next person in line, unless you tell me you'll be away for sleep/work- I will wait up to 12 hours for a response if this is the case, then move on to the next person- I'm sorry!
- I reserve the right to not sell to anyone.
- Please refrain from rudeness in the comments.
- Payment is due within 24 hours once I give you a total, and you commit.
- I ship from Michigan.
- I can ship internationally, but be warned, it will be expensive, will take longer, etc. Please inquire first, however. Due to my schedule, I may not always have the time needed to fill out customs forms.
- Shipping is via a bubble mailer when possible, or a box when not. I use recycled materials, I am an eco friendly human.
- I will ship your package as quickly as possible. I will strive to ship within a week, but I work 12 hour days at a Humane Society, and have a house full of animals, I am extremely busy.
- I will message you when your package ships.
- I am not responsible for damage/loss once a package leaves my possession.
- I come from a clean, smoke-free home. I have three dogs (I keep them away from my collection), a cat, many birds, and four reptiles. Just be warned, fur/feather debris gets around, in case you have severe allergies. I try to send everything out lint rolled and wiped down as much as I can.

**Prices below include shipping within the U.S., unless noted otherwise (Inquire on price if international). Figures are near mint, with an occasional paint rub, unless otherwise noted**

MWT White Kyurem Japanese Pokedoll- $95 Shipped

MWT White Kyurem Japanese Pokedoll- $95 Shipped

OR Take both for $180 shipped, OBO.

TTO 2013(?) Christmas Fennekin. Super soft and good for snuggs. $35 shipped obo.

Mega Ampharos Plush- Mint, I have the tag (the tag was looped on with the elastic), just have to find it. $20+ Shipping OBO.

Mega Sceptile Plush- Mint, I have the tag (the tag was looped on with the elastic), just have to find it. $20+ Shipping OBO.

MWT Pokemon Time Dragonair Plush. No Idea what they go for nowadays, semi-reluctant sale. $90 shipped OBO.

Eeveelutions Jakks-
Vaporeon is the first-run figure, with the unpainted lower neck frill- $20 OBO
Flareon/Jolteon- $15 each OBO
Espeon/Umbreon- $20 each OBO
Leafeon/Glaceon- $15 each OBO

Or take the lot for $150 shipped, OBO.

Entei Jakks (little paint scuff on mane)- SOLD
Suicune Jakks (diamonds may have tiny paint rubs)- SOLD
Raikou Jakks- SOLD

Ho-Oh (no stand)- $15 OBO
Lugia (no stand)- $15 OBO

Celebi (no stand, one antenna has always been bent)- $15 OBO
Arceus (one of his back arches is a tad bent)- $15 OBO

Regi Jakks- $15 each OBO
All 3- $40 shipped

Hasbro Thinkchips- Still Sealed, boxes have wear, folded/frayed corners, bent plastic, etc.
$15 each shipped, OBO

Big Box of Jakks/Hasbros. Most are NM, but may be missing stands. Bought these as a lot, don't have time to sell separate. 47 figures total. $90 shipped OBO. Take them away. Please.
*picture shows Blaziken, he is not included, sorry!
Jakks Figures- Shiftry, Aipom, Gligar, Golduck, Dustox, Wurmple, Swinub, Shellos (East and West), Chatot, Mantyke, Buizel, Piplup, Mantine (missing remoraid), Carnivine, Sudowoodo, Machop, Cherrim, Mesprit, Geodude, Torterra, Infernape, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Groudon, Darkrai, Shinx, Golem, Croagunk, Bidoof, Totodile, Starly, Buneary, Turtwig, Chimchar, Minun, Gallade, Drapion, Mismagius, Crobat

Loudred (Plastic is partially discolored), Alakazam, Beautifly, Crawdaunt

Elekid (unknown brand)

Thanks everyone! Hope all is well, and feel free to comment if you have questions.

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