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Make me an offer sales! Rare items below... :)

Hi comm!

Today I’ve got some sales - make me an offer on pricing as I’m not too sure on what to sell these for!

My Sales Permission was granted by areica96 on 21/11/2018

Here’s my feedback -


- I ship from Sheffield, United Kingdom
- I ship internationally! Please ask about an international shipping quote!
- Shipping is done by Royal Mail.
- I aim to send your packages out within a week, but I can only ship weekends!
- I reuse packaging materials, if you’re not okay with this then tell me and there will be a charge for packaging.
- I can add tracking if you wish for an additional fee! If you didn’t pay for tracking it is NOT my responsibility if you’re parcel gets lost.
- I always gets proof of postage.
- Customs (if applicable) are the responsibility of the buyer.


- Payment via PayPal ONLY!
- I charge PayPal fees.
- Please pay within 24 hours of me giving you a total and you committing to an item.
- Failure to pay within a reasonable time will result in you getting negative feedback. If you need more time let me know! I understand about people’s payday and how much you might want an item!
- Please enquire about payment plans! I will look at the on a case by case basis!

General stuff!

- Commitments take priority over quotes! Please make sure you make it clear whether you want an item or a quote!
- People make mistakes! If you have genuinely made a mistake then talk to me!
- Haggling is definitely ACCEPTED! I love a good offer, but please don’t be offended if I turn you down!
- I have a dog! He doesn’t go near any of my stuff tho.
- Prices do not include shipping or fees unless otherwise stated.

Without further ado, here are the goods!

Chespin MWT Pokedoll
Munchlax MWT Pokedoll

Popplio MWT
Greninja MWT

Pignite MWT

Various Tepig Items

Cyndaquil MWT Secret Base
Victini TTO

Buizel Tomy Super Rare MWT (very slight fold in tag)

Large Pogs

Extra Large Pogs

Popplio Knitted Case (made by me, a little ropey seen as I’m not the best crafter). Quite stretchy so will fit phone, DS etc. I used it for my 3DS XL. Has a button fastening on the back.

Gen 4 Kids ($2 each)

Mixed Gen Kids ($2 each)
Clear Magmortar and Riolu ($3 each)

Pokemon Centre Pokedoll Drawstring Bag Super Rare

Piplup DX Pokedoll TTO

Various Pokemon Backpack (great for cons!)

Hope everyone finds something they like! Thanks!
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