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Introduction + Collection!

Hello, I am a newish member here! I joined the community back in February but I have just been kind of lurking\buying things and finally organized my collection enough to make my first post! My main collection is Munchlax and some Snorlax items, but have interest in also collecting Aipom, Breloom, the Parasect line, Popplio, and Bulbasaur. I also collect cards. I have about 3,000 different cards logged on the website "pokellector", which doesn't include duplicates or Japanese cards. I would love to see any Munchlax stuff people have, and if you have anything for sale that I don't have, Id love to see that too! 

More Photos Under the Cut!

 (also if I messed up sizing of photos or the cut, please let me know, this is my first time posting) 

My other smaller collections and some random figures I like:

Yes, a kyogre pokepark plush is hanging from my ceiling, with another tiny kyogre hanging from him lol..... 

And finally my last and favorite plush (it wont fit on my shelves) is a 24 inch gamestop exclusive Snorlax plush (my giant cat for size reference lol).


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