mccatnip (mccatnip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Big Ol' Birthday Bash Collection Update!

Hey everyone!

So this past Sunday was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share all my gets from the past couple of months as well as my (almost completed) Slowpoke line collection! Pictures are under the cut :D

I recently got into the (very expensive T^T) pokedoll collecting! I'm definitely not going for all of them, I've just been snagging up the ones that I especially like the design of.

Noctowl was a birthday gift to myself and I got him for an amazing price on eBay since he still has his tag! I saw him listed on eBay and immediately bought him to celebrate :) Ho-oh is super cool because she's actually a Japanese pokedoll that was sold in the US store; both of her tags are in japanese, but she has an American price tag. My next goal is a Plushplush!

Tyranitar Pika was a gift from my boyfriend and the Kecleon TOMY was a gift from my sister! I'm trying REALLY hard not to start a Kecleon collection but it's so tempting....

Here are all of my non-Slowpoke plush/figures together! I think I need a bigger shelf...
Finally, I thought I'd post some updates pictures of my Slowpoke line collection with a few new additions:

Thanks for reading! 
Tags: pokedoll, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke
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