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Second Fit Plush delivery!

Hi comm!

About a month or so ago I posted about my first lot of Johto Fit plushes and today, my second lot came in!

First up - Raikou! I was originally going to get all the legendary dogs, but decided to just get my favourite to save on costs! He is the definition of chunky, they couldn’t fit anymore beans inside him if they tried. I love him for that though, so sturdy and the details are beautiful! Definitely one of my favourites from this haul.

Next up, the elusive Tyranitar! I’ve been waiting for ages to get this guy, he was out of stock for so so long, but one day the Pokemon Center JP restocked him, so I quickly made this whole order (I order them direct from the Pokemon Centre Online JP through a middleman). Much like Raikou he is so well made and his details are amazing! Such a big plush too compared with the others from the fit line!

Another which I was waiting for the PC JP to restock - Scizor! The thing I love about him most is those wings! They’re made from a iridescent, reflective material and look like they’re fluttering in the light! Super cool!

And now for Porygon2! From the pictures I saw, I was very reticent to get this one because his beak is so big. However, I have fallen in love with him, it just makes him so much derpier and cuter! His colours pop so much too, which is another reason I love Johto so much - the colours are all so bright!

And now for one of my favourite Pokemon ever - Azumarill! I’m so glad he’s finally got an official plush. He’s really squishy and his ears curve so nicely! They did a really good job with this one!

Tauros!... wait, what?!
Don’t worry, I know Tauros is gen 1, but I always regretted not getting him when gen 1 was released, so I finally caved in when making this order! The real reason I finally came around to getting him was because Miltank needed her friend! He also completes my team of 6 for my gen 1 Fit plushes!

Back to gen 2, Sudowoodo! He’s such a vital part of the gen 2 games I just had to get him! He looks so derpy and confused I love it! I just wish he was stuffed more, he’s a bit too squishy and his arms flop a bit!

And from here until the end they are ranked! So without further ado, here are my top three from this delivery...

Number 3 - Furret! Furret has always been a favourite of mine, yet I never liked any of her plush that have been released, so I’ve been waiting and waiting patiently for that perfect plush. I think I’ve found it! She’s perfect to me, the paws are sewn into her belly which makes her all the more cuter, I’m very pleased with this one!

Number 2 - Croconaw! Immediately after receiving my first lot of Fits, I regretted not getting Croconaw! His colours pop so much and his little fangs stick out so nicely! He’s a great addition to my collection!

And now the coveted number 1 spot goes to...

Umbreon! My favourite of the eeveelution line! Again like Furret, I’ve been waiting for that perfect Umbreon plush to add to my collection and I’ve found it! Some of you may think that he’s a bit wonky with his back leg sticking out, but that’s just why I love him! My dog always sits with three paws bunched up and one leg sticking out, like Umbreon here, so this plush reminds me so much of him! A perfect addition!

And now the Pokemon Centre Illustration boxes that they send your parcels in when you order from the PC JP online! I ordered in two separate batches to get two different boxes...

Sadly, whilst I appreciate the art, I really don’t like the Gengar line XD. I was disappointed when I realised I got this box. I’m going to try to sell it in the future.

After I thought all hope was lost, I opened the next one...

ONE OF THE ONLY BOXES I ACTUALLY WANTED!!! I’m so happy! The reason I wanted this box was for that little Phanpy and Teddiursa illustration on the side! So cute, this is defo not going anywhere!

And if you made it to here, thank you for reading, here’s a bonus pic of all *gulp* 30 of my fit plushes...

+ Miltank and Tauros!

Whilst I’m here, I’m just going to add a want below! It’s the Prinplup Banpresto plush, if anyone has one for sale I’m very interested! It’s the smaller version, I already own the DX one :)

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