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A Super Rare Shiny Grail get! Noctowl charm set!

Omg! I almost can’t believe what I am holding in my hands right now! It almost feels like I’m dreaming.

Satoshi’s Pokemon charm set including the elusive Shiny Noctowl charm!

This was the first time that i saw this charm for sale let alone mint in packaging.
The set also includes a Chikorita and a Pikachu swinging from a vine/rope.
I read that it was given away at a showing of Pikachu the Movie 2000.

I have seen about 7 Shiny Noctowl Tomy Figures for sale in the same time span that i saw this One for sale. So it must be quite rare.

I bought it off Ebay from a fellow Pokemon collector. I was really surprised that i was the only one that bid on it. It was a very nerve wracking week because i was afraid of being outbid.
But I wasn’t much to my surprise.

So here it is!

I will add some more pics under the cut including my new Shiny Charm display cabinet.

And here is my new Shiny Charm Display Cabinet/Display box. It has a glass door so i can see them without them getting dusty. ^w^
Also the Shiny Charm charm was made by Ness(Latias_girl). I love it so much!
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