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New items get~

Been a while since I've posted last, but just wanted to share a few things I got in the mail recently from Wakuwakumono (Mrs. Kim), one of which I've been looking for for a while~

This is everything I got in the mail earlier today, a few items in the back were bonuses that I was suprised to see in the box, but rather happy with~ (Giving the typhlosion one to my fiance)

The newest Ga Ole tokens for Charmeleon and Raikou, so I now have the full collection of each.....for now.

And the Blue Spin Raikou Battrio I've been looking for for a while that I've had trouble getting ahold of~

While on Bulbapedia they only have listed that there's 7 different Raikou battrio, they do not mention anywhere that there are some differences for the same exact ones.

The top middle and middle left are the same one, but one has a translucent ultra ball rarity while the other is opaque.

Middle middle and bottom left are the same art, but the HP/ATK/DEF is differently layed out, as well as the typing above the picture.

And with the one on the bottom right has a different picture than what you can see on bulbapedia -> (So if you have the other Raikou master ball rarity battrio and you'd be willing to sell it to me PLEASE contact me)

Managed to get both Raikou Tretta from another member of the community over a year ago, and the four Ga Ole I managed to get from Mrs. Kim on Wakuwakumono

I love how with the Charmeleon Ga Ole they've released, there's a small crawl of increasing power with each one, all of them I managed to get through Mrs. Kim again~

And the Charmeleon battrio I managed to buy from a few different members of the community~ <- This is the majority of my collection, though I'll have to update this soon enough, but if you're selling anything Charmeleon/Raikou related that you don't see here, lemme know~

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