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A Way Past Due Reintroduction

Hello hello everyone!
Long time no post! This is a reintroduction that's been a long time comming!
For those of you that don't know me I'm Vulpes, I'm a 26 year old multi media artist who lives in Texas.

Most of you probably know me from my Simplified Style Plushies, which I take commissions for every month or so. Plushie making is a hobby of mine, but I like to play around with all kinds of artistic mediums. I draw, paint, sculpt, and digitally paint occasionaly. You can see my stuff on Twitter if you're curious.
I work at an elementary school in a computer lab as a technology aide. And, I'm such a dork I transformed the computer lab into a Poke Lab, with cut out hand drawn/painted Pokemon. The lab was a very boring place before I setteled in!

Personally I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was a tiny child, I was super into collecting the cards and plushies but fell out of it when I got a bit older. I still played the games and play a game from each new generation. I got back into collecting in earnest when I was a senior in high school, which is when I ended up joining the comm. I primarily collect plushies and rement figures. My favorite Pokemon are Bulbasuar, Raichu,and Cubone.  I do have others I like but those babes have been favorites since I was a kiddo. But that's enough about me, it's time to show off my collection!

This is my primary collection! At the moment everyone's just a little bit smushed but they sure are cute! The newest additions to this shelf are the rolling friends raichu and cubones I won them out of a claw machine in Japan when I toured there last month. I was super thrilled to be able to pick up some Pokemon Fit plushies in person at the Tokyo mega Pokemon Center.

I keep a few special plushies off to the side on a mountain of blankets. I was incredibly lucky in Japan and actually won the big sleeping Pikachu on my first play of the Holiday Night Ichiban Kuji. It was awesome but it did make traveling around and getting him home a little difficult! Thankfully I came prepared with an empty carry on bag!

And here is where the Pokedolls reside! I'm most proud of these little dudes over the years I've managed to add some really rare and special Pokedolls to my hoarde. One of these days I'd love to add a porygon 2 pokedoll/plushplush. But for now one of the highlights is my butterfree! I managed to snag her off ebay by pure luck for only $11!

Moving on to the nonplush Rement Terrariums have been taking up more and more of my shelf space lately I just love how cute and creative the little worlds are that they've created to highlight each Pokemon!

I'm also a complete sucker for funko pops (at least for non-human ones, people pops still seem off to me!) I've been very lucky in being able to find the 10 inch versions of these cuties! Now I just need Squirtle to hurry up and be released so I can have the full set until they inevitably release more lol.

Finally this is my video game shelf/amiibo collection. I'm super happy that I kept the boxes from my games when I was a kid. Somehow through all the years I held onto them and kept them in pretty decent condition! Most of them still have the manuals and extras too! Anyone else collect amiibo and don't actually bother to use them or is it just me?

 Well that pretty much wraps up my long overdue reintroduction to the community! I hope you have all enjoyed taking a look at my little hoard, and have a great day!

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