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Exciting gets, pokemon world market, and more!

Hello again everyone!

I'm back again with another collection update. This time, there's a preview of obscure and unique pokemon merch, and pics of all the figures from the Pokemon World Market set!

Here's a preview, featuring Porygon2's!

Pikachu couple from a member of the comm (I forgot the username X( Oops) I've wanted to get this pair when it came out years ago, but it was when I had a part time job. Better late then never!

Went to gamestop and saw they had new pokemon plush in stock, and got this guy! I did order one for myself many years ago, but gave it to a friend as a Christmas present. Now I've got one of my own again! <3 He's much smaller then the mofu mofu arcanine.

I was super excited about this package from Leo from the fb groups. He went above and beyond to search for the porygon shirt for me! <3

Plus gen 2 pokemon fit! Skiploom was a nostaglic one for me, since I fell in love at first sight with it when i saw leaked pics of him in a magazine. I had one in my team for a while.

Porygon (and it's evos) are my fav pokemon from the original games, and I had one in all my teams through the years. I adore this shirt, and I wear it every pokemon go community day!

It took 18 years for Porygon2 to get another plush release!

Porygon corner looking great!

I guess Meganium us a mom now? lol This starter evo line is severely underrated. The line was always so cute!

Vaporeon plush from neutralemotions! I've always wanted a plush of this guy with it's respective evolution stone.

Here he is with his new friends! :D

Mudkip saiiko soda stuffs from polahbear! haha I ran out of room in my mudkip shelf for these, so I was forced to reorganize, but worth it <3 Mudkip will always be my pokebabyyy.

Eeveelution puzzle from gamestop! It was fun putting it together, and took me 5 hours!

I'm gonna have to find a frame to put this in sometime.

Next up are gets from my middleman!

A ton of pokestuff, and mudkips! I've even won a full set of something rare and obscure in those little white boxes...

This little magnet diorama set! I won it to only keep Mudkip, but I fell in love with this, so I decided to keep the whole thing. It's somewhat hilarious when they repel against each other, until they fall to the floor and pieces get lost X)

Even more gets from my middleman!

Not much pokestuffs, which are mudkip releated.

Mudkip pokepark hat. I wanted to wear it for Mudkip community day, but decided against it when the temps were 98 degrees F.

Another rare set win were these keychains. I kept the mudkip line, and the rest are for sale. Treecko was sold to a friend.

They show the entire evolution line when you move them, so it was Mudkip -> Marshtomp -> Swampert.

My amiibo preorders from gamestop! Now to wait for Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Incineroar!

Leo has done it again <3 So much cute stuff that i wanted to get on release date, but waited to get them on one lumpsome.

Adorable hat wearing Shiny-dos and cute karp! The Oceanic Operetta are great, and I adore how detailed Milotic is, and the dark blue hue for Vaporeon gives it a regal look.

Charizard Pokemon doll, and rainbow eevee plush. I wanted to hang him from the ceiling of the eeveelution corner to make him appear like he's floating.

I was super happy to see sanei release a plush of Mareep, now they made the whole mareep evolution line!

The marshtomp surfing keychain is precious. His tails, leg, and surfboard move around to make him appear like he's trying to balance before wipeing out.

Surf's up!

Now onto the Pokemon World Market set. Each box came with this little postcard with their respective region.

My fav is the gen 5, the artwork really gave it the retro 80's diner vibe. Which is your fav?

Here's the whole set, before I put to together. Here they are individually:

1. Kanto

IMO by far the most underwhelming, with the least amount of the accessories. Lov how the bike's wheels can move around.

2. Johto

Pleasing to look at, though my only criticism for it was having a missed oppertunity for the watering can. Instead of being the gen 1 pokemon Squirtle, it should've ben a Gen 2 pokemon... like Totodile.

3. Hoenn

Really love this one. I love the tiny details on the ticket, which comes with an envelope, and the pokeblock case.

4. Sinnoh

The set with the most accessories. I love how it's centered around the underground.

5. Unova

My fav in this set, along with the postcard artwork! The pixelart figure for the hiker, brought back memoeires when I would wait to get on the ferris wheel to battle. Even waiting in line to get a castelia cone.

6. Kalos

This set was the one that made me feel like I was in the game again. My fav being the hat w/sunglasses.

7. Alola

My 2nd fav of this set. I love the Toucannon timer. The exeggutor pen is so cooky it's hilarious, though it refused to stay upright, so it had to go sideways.

Went to the mall to search for the Squirtle pop figure. It wasn't in stock, but this Rotomdex from WCT was!

To think, I was gonna drop $25 to import him from the UK.

Now time for work gets!

The pikachu plush was a bootleg, but it was well made. Also got my hands on the two pokepark wii games!

I was throwing some stuff away in the dumpster at work, and saw the Bulbasaur plush laying in the ground next to it in the rain. Thank goodness that the person who tried to throw him away missed! He's safe now.

One winged zard Y saved from the trash too!

Loudred was another save too. I got the eevee set from gamestop, so he's excuded from "saving from the trash" club.

Crazy naked bootleg jolteon, but the eeveelutions scarf was a save too!

Sanei All star Jigglypuff, and it was legit! :O Must've been from Anime Boston!

More Toy Factory Pikachu plushies!

Saved all of these guys from the trahs at work too! Nabbed them all on the way out from the bin that had them inside.

I tried getting that red paint from psyduck and Dragonite, but failed ;_;

Last, but not least, another pikachu saved from the dumpster!

Whew, so many stuff saved from the sad landfill! I wonder what else will need rescue later on?

That was everything I had to share today, thanks for reading everyone! :D

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