lizrey15 wrote in pkmncollectors

Question about "Good" Condition on Amazon Japan

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to bellestarrmon and blue_drag0nfly for the very helpful suggestions regarding Kotobukiya re-releases.

On a related note, I have managed to find some reasonably priced listings via third parties on Amazon Japan but am a little bit concerned about the description of the figures as being in "good" condition. I contacted the seller and they say they don't have access to the item (in Amazon storage apparently) so I feel like I would be buying the item blind. Amazon's policy is that "good" condition means box and/or item itself might have some dirt, discoloration, or scratches. I personally don't mind a ripped box but would be rather concerned if the figure itself was stained or scratched in a noticeable way.

What are people's experiences with "good" condition items off of Amazon/Amazon Japan? 

Thanks so much!


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