nintenbro64 (nintenbro64) wrote in pkmncollectors,

FULL Kalos Gym Badge set


You have seen my custom work in progress Orange League real seashells gym badges, now i´d love to show you my most recent work with the full set of limited to 300 worldwide Pokemon Center Original Pokemon Gym Badges, with the 3 extra ones from the anime, i had to order specific gems and rhinestones from China and several other beads and special glitter paints, and of course a special chrome paint to make the silver band bellow the wing medal, lot´s of work went to make the best ones i could to have my completionist mind at ease LOL, (some test sets were made and ruined too) i guess i can still make more slight changes and have them stand out more, and yeah the bug badge it´s a medal from a bootleg set and it´s bigger and more 3D than the original, i will upload some vids in a few days :)

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