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Quick sales! Things going cheap :)

Hi comm,

I’m back with some more quick sales below....

My Sales Permission was granted by areica96 on 21/11/2018

Here’s my feedback -


- I ship from Sheffield, United Kingdom
- I ship internationally! Please ask about an international shipping quote!
- Shipping is done by Royal Mail.
- I aim to send your packages out within a week, but I can only ship weekends!
- I reuse packaging materials, if you’re not okay with this then tell me and there will be a charge for packaging.
- I can add tracking if you wish for an additional fee! If you didn’t pay for tracking it is NOT my responsibility if you’re parcel gets lost.
- I always gets proof of postage.
- Customs (if applicable) are the responsibility of the buyer.


- Payment via PayPal ONLY!
- I charge PayPal fees.
- Please pay within 24 hours of me giving you a total and you committing to an item.
- Failure to pay within a reasonable time will result in you getting negative feedback. If you need more time let me know! I understand about people’s payday and how much you might want an item!
- Please enquire about payment plans! I will look at the on a case by case basis!

General stuff!

- Commitments take priority over quotes! Please make sure you make it clear whether you want an item or a quote!
- People make mistakes! If you have genuinely made a mistake then talk to me!
- Haggling is definitely ACCEPTED! I love a good offer, but please don’t be offended if I turn you down!
- I have a dog! He doesn’t go near any of my stuff tho.
- Prices do not include shipping or fees unless otherwise stated.

Popplio JP MWT - $13
Cyndaquil JP MWT - $30
Greninja JP MWT - $14
Chespin JP MWT - $7
Marowak US MWT - $9

Chespin JP MWT - $10
Pancham JP TTO - $9
Litleo JP MWT - $16
Oshawott JP MWT - $12
Cubchoo JP TTO - $9

Togekiss MWdetachedT $18
TOMY Laying Buizel (slight crease in hang tag) - $50

Blastoise - $5
Snorlax - $9
Raichu - $12
Clefairy - $6
Poliwhirl - $4
Gengar (detached tag) - $9
Bulbasaur - $9
Squirtle - $8
Jigglypuff - $10
Charizard - $12

Hoenn Starters (loved) - $6 each or $14 for the set
Victini - $8
Totodile - $8

Charmander - $2
Charizard - $2
Salamence - $4
Raticate - $1
Mew - $1
Greninja Figure - $6
Greninja Pin - $4
Absol NFS
Darkrai - $3
Palkia - $3
Meloetta - $2

Paper Mat - $5

ORAS Poster - $10

Pokemon World Magazine Massive Poster - $14 (front and back above), damage to one corner

Lucario Poster - $7 (front and back), few cuts here and there

I Choose You movie giveaway poster - $16

Books - $5 each

Mewtwo Strikes Back - $7

Pignite US MWT - $12

XL Pogs - $5 each (Solgaleo Necrozma NFS)

Popplio Handmade Knitted Case by Me - $10
Will fit a 3DS XL, phone etc. Not to be stretched too much as it the knitting is really close together :)

Kids - $2 each
Sold - Carnivine, Rotom Mow, Budew, Ambipom, Regigigas, Toxicroak, Clear Riolu, Tangrowth, Banette, Chingling, Meditite, Gloom, Infernape

Pokedoll Bag - $14 (front and back)

Backpack - $20

Victini MIP TCG Set - $15

Elite Trainer Box Alolan Paper Pad - $3

Large Pogs - $3

Flaaffy - make an offer, Blitzle Pokedoll for reference only! :)

Thanks comm! And to make this less boring, here’s my new Fit plush shelf!

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