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Recent gets (picture heavy) & sales update

Sharing my recent gets today :)
I went to a small gamers' get-together called Nintendo Only while I was in China and bought lots of cool stuff,

Most are not Pokemon related though LOL
We played Splatoon and other games and it was such a cool experience.

Also bought from various Doujin artists online:

rubber stamp set! It's a unique piece in my collection.



charms and pins

also stickers

mirror and a very beautiful holo effect charm

Completed the Pokebox stamp Eeveelution set! But unfortunately the first 4 I bought already corroded. I haven't found a way to fix them, if you know any good method please let me know! They were kept in a cabinet with glass door but the corrosion still happened, I guess I just can't display them and should keep them in storage, which makes me sad :(

I also bought Lycanroc and Meowstick stamps, the Meowstick one is really cool.

Bought this large baby from a Korean seller, didn't know it was THAT big...

My Eeveelution metal charms in shadow boxes

I love shadow boxes! They fit everything.

And finally... New tapes I bought during the past few months! I love the one on the bottom so much, it has gold foil on it, the tape looks luxury. They are avaible for sample sale in my sales post.

New stuff in the sales post:

Extra crystal drop charms are here too, I still have lots of melodies charms and a few flowers charms left. Trying to get some of them sold here before I put them into small lots on ebay. New tape samples, some price drops, and I put some unsold stuff into the freebies section.
I managed to get two Pokemon x Graniph shirts from a factory reject store while I was in China. As far as I know this particular design has gone out of stock for months and the only one for sale on ebay is going for $220 which is quite insane. Take a look if you don't mind buying factory reject, I know some people feel bad about it.
Please check it out: HERE

Thanks for reading!
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