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Berry's Forest, Ghost's Castle Acrylic Charm Claims

Hi all!

After a long summer and a little hiatus, I'm back with some claims! A beautiful, new promotion from the Pokemon Center was recently announced, and, assuming that PC does what it always does, I've decided to do claims for the acrylic charms.
Each charm will be $9 plus shipping from me to you and fees. I only plan on doing claims for one box for each set, but if there is enough interest in them (i.e. all the ones in the first set are claimed), I will open another set for claim. I also cross-posted my claims in hopes that the spots will fill up quicker. The charms will be released September 14, and I should have these around the beginning of October. I will be closing claims for these on September 12 at 6:00 PM EDT (Detroit time). The ones that haven't been claimed are still available!


no titleSales Permission granted on Dec. 17, 2015, by areica96.
My Feedback can be found here.

As the seller, I reserve the right to refuse a transaction if I do not feel comfortable conducting business with a particular buyer. Please do not be offended if I refuse.
Do NOT edit or delete comments.
There is a minimum purchase price of $2.00.
Be clear if you are committing. Commitment takes priority over quotes.
(New!) No holds! There have been too many people asking for holds and then disappearing.
I accept reasonable haggling and trades for items on my Wish List are accepted. However, please do not be offended if I refuse an offer.
Please include the magic word (Scorbunny Scones) in your comment to show that you have read and understood my rules.
Negative feedback will be left for rescinding a sale or for non-payment of a committed sale or for payments not sent within the specified time frame.
Allergy warning: I have 2 cats and a dog (Shiba Inu). There may be a stray pet hair since they can sneak past me. All items are inspected before being sent.
Some items may be cross-listed on another forum. Priority will be determined by time-stamp.
Prices are in USD.
Prices do not include materials fees, shipping, or Paypal fees unless specified.
Paypal only. E-checks are accepted, but your item will be shipped once payment clears.
Payment plans can be formed when needed.
Payment must be sent within 24 hours after receiving a total unless there is a prior agreement. If payment is not received within 24 hours, a friendly reminder will be left, and payment must be sent within 12 hours of the reminder.
I will NOT hunt or chase you down for payment. If payment is not received within the allotted time, negative feedback will be left! No exceptions!
I ship from Michigan.
There is a $0.75 fee for packing materials.
I will NOT ship flats and non-flats together unless the non-flat items requires a box.
Shipping within the continental United States begins at $3.50.
I ship internationally. Shipping to Canada begins at $9.50. International shipping begins at $13.50. IMPORTANT - I will provide a US Customs number, and this number should act as a tracking number. Some countries do not support electronic USPS delivery confirmation. If your country is not on this list (see Exhibit 252.22) or you want a guaranteed tracking number, please request tracking.
I may be a slow shipper since shipping times vary due to my schedule. All items will be shipped by Friday.
I will inform you when your item(s) has been shipped or of any delays (i.e. bad weather, car troubles, illness, etc.).
I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged (US or Int'l) packages once they have left my possession.
❀ These rules are specific to this post, but the General Sales Rules still apply unless otherwise stated.
❀ Claims will be served on a first come, first serve basis.
❀ Please comment with your shipping location when requesting an item.❀ I will only place the order if the majority of items/all items are claimed. The quicker the spots are claimed, the sooner I will place the order.
❀ If there is enough interest, I will place more than one order.
❀ All updates regarding your claim will be made on this post or through PM.
❀ I will let you know if there are any changes--such as price decreases/increases, delays, cancellations, etc.
❀ In case I am unable to order a certain set or if the order is not fulfilled, I will notify you as soon as possible!
IMPORTANT: By claiming an item, it means that you have read and understood my rules.
IMPORTANT: Only claim an item if you are sure that you want the item. I will notify you when I place the order, and backing out of your claim once I have placed the order or any time after is not allowed.
❀ I will notify you when payment is expected. Please be prepared to send payment once it is requested.
Payment is due when the items arrive. The charms release September 14, and I should have them by the beginning of October.
❀ Payment must be sent within 24 hours of receiving notice unless otherwise dictated. I will send a friendly reminder if payment has not been sent within the time frame specified.
❀ Please be respectful and responsible when a payment is due. I am NOT going to chase you down for payment.

If you have read and understood my rules, please include the magic word below somewhere in your comment. This word signifies that you have read and understood my rules. If you forget the magic word, I will inform you that it is missing, and you will have eight (8) hours from my comment to reply with that word; when that time period has elapsed, I will inform you of the time lapse, and the item will pass to the next person in queue.

Today's magic word is . . . Scorbunny Scones!

Berry's Forest Collection:
Price: $9 each

Set (1):
Pikachu - me
Eevee - me
Sylveon - me
Spinda - snagglebun
Chatot - YoshiSama
Beautifly -
Cubchoo - FB claim
Ponyta - absintheslady
Ninetales - me
Celebi - julienichols - Paid!

Set (2):
Pikachu -
Eevee - eeveerafa - Paid!
Sylveon - magearna - Paid!
Spinda - FB claim
Chatot - ninfiachan - Paid!
Beautifly -
Cubchoo -
Ponyta - eeveerafa - Paid!
Ninetales - eeveerafa - Paid!
Celebi -

Ghost's Castle Collection:
Price: $9 each

Set (1):
Pikachu - me
Mimikyu - me
Umbreon - me
Litwick - Leah
Chandelure - plushlosophy - Paid!
Cresselia - ssjvap
Sableye - FB claim
Hoothoot -
Misdreavus -
Drifloon - Leah

Set (2):
Pikachu -
Mimikyu - tenkohime - Paid!
Umbreon - Moon
Litwick - plushlosophy - Paid!
Chandelure - julienichols - Paid!
Cresselia -
Sableye -
Hoothoot -
Misdreavus -
Drifloon - julienichols - Paid!

In addition to these, I also updated my main Claims Post with some new items. And, as a small update, I added a new set of Floral Cup figures! Here's a little sneak peak at some of the items:

To be transported to my claims booth, please click either the picture or the following link:
I have lots of new items up for claim, so if you're looking for or missed something in particular, now's your chance!

Thank you for taking a look!
Until next time with some big updates~

Tags: beautifly, celebi, chandelure, chatot, cresselia, cubchoo, drifloon, eevee, hoothoot, litwick, mimikyu, misdreavus, ninetales, pikachu, ponyta, sableye, spinda, sylveon, umbreon
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