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September Peanut Plush Commissions! Plus More Gets! -Slots Closed!-

Hello everyone, how are you all? :D

I just want to say thank you to everyone who commissioned me last month, you guys were the first of many rounds of these plush that I plan to do, because you were all so wonderful! I am looking forward to making more poke-cuties for you all! ^^

However, I did change some things about this month's slots, so please read them all before you commit to a slot!

Commission rules!
*Because I purchase a sock pack as my materials, it comes with a range of colors. I want to try to use up as many of the colors as possible before purchasing another pack, so every time I open commissions only a select number of colors will be available to be used in that month's commissions, so please review them carefully before asking for a quote!

This month's colors are:

Grey, Pink, Light Green, Light Purple, and White

EDIT: Have to add another rule! Since there’s really no commitments-over-quotes rule here, it’s more of a first come first serve, to accommodate that, here’s the new rule: 24 hours after I give you a quote, if you haven’t responded/committed by then, I give your slot to the next interested person. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Peanut Plushes start at $25 and increase with complexity/colors used
Round "Head" mini plush start at $15 and increase with complexity

Sales Rules
-Sales permission granted by areica96 on May 7, 2019
-My feedback can be found here
-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-I will not sell to non-pkmncollectors members or banned members
-I only accept PayPal
-Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees
-Items are from a smoke free home, but I formerly had a dog.
-My day to ship things out are Fridays during the school year (I am a uni student). During breaks (such as summer and winter) I can ship them out throughout the week.
-Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback left
-Once you’ve received your items, please leave me some feedback as well, I’d greatly appreciate it! I will be sure to return the favor!

-I ship from California, USA
-At the moment I do not ship internationally
-I ship by USPS
-Once the package has left my hands, I am no longer responsible if it becomes lost

1. mccatnip
2. mega_quilava
3. presleyhydrei
4. chaobu

EDIT II: All slots claimed! Thank you all!!

Additionally, I got some more gets over the month as well!! I will post those under another cut.

So happy to have gotten a 2005 TOMY Latias and a 2006 Banpresto, mint with its original tags!! I was super excited when they came in the mail, the 2 month wait was well worth it! Also happy to add some more Victinis to my other main collection and to my Dragoite side collection!

The Latios were part of the lot with the Latias, and I'm maybe considering selling the 2002 TOMY since I don't collect Latios,,, but he's kind of growing on me so we'll see!

Some non-plush items for my Latias collection! I now believe I have all the charms from the PokePark era! (I think there were only 2 anyways?) Also finally found some Mega Lati@s Pika poncho charms from schenzi! Thank you so much!! ^^

Anyways, that will be all for now! Thanks for reading and looking forward to making some more Peanuts for you guys! :DD
Tags: charms, custom, dragonite, latias, pikachu, plush, victini
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