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New Sword and Shield Custom Pokemon plush in my Etsy shop!

Hi all! I just wanted to share some new custom Pokemon plush I have available in my Etsy shop! They are from Sword and Shield though so I will put those under a cut so I don't spoil anyone who doesn't want to see them.

I have no idea if I need to post my sales rules for this but here they are.

**Sales Permission granted on March 14, 2015 by areica96 on my old account faleepai

**My old feedback is here
no title**My new feedback is here

no title*All Community rules apply.
no title*I will not sell to banned or non-community members!
no title*All sales are final, no refunds.

no title*Haggling IS allowed just be reasonable, but don't be offended if I decline your offer
no title*Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback
no title*Prices DON'T include shipping unless it says (price) shipped
no title*You can ask questions! If you need more pictures let me know!
no title*Commitments take priority
****Please be clear if you are committed to an item

no titlePayment:
-You MUST pay within 24 hours unless we have arranged something.
-Paypal ONLY!! No exceptions!

no titleShipping:
*When a package gets shipped it is out of my hands
*Shipped prices don't include shipping to international places.
*Most packages are shipped first class (But can be shipped Priority if you want it to/ if it requires it)
*I ship internationally
*Packages will be shipped ASAP
*I ship from Atlanta, GA USA

First up I have these Galarian Zigzagoon plush! They are made by me with fleece fabric and have machine embroidered details. They are lightly stuffed and have plastic pellets in them to make them like a beanie plush.

You can purchase them here:

Next is this Polteageist Plush! It is also made of fleece and has machine embroidered details. It has wire in its arms so it can be posed! These little guys can also fit in most teapots like in the games!

You can get them here:

Thanks for looking! I also have lots of other stuff you can check out in my Etsy shop including other plush, ITH patterns and a Party Hat Wurmple figurine!
Here's the link to go there:
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