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HUGE Gets update for August!! :D

Howdy y'all!

I'm back, with a GINORMOUS gets update from last month! I've been a busy, deal-hunting bee~~ ^-^ Below will be...probably a few cuts with a ton of pictures, so fair warning haha.

Aaaaaaaand we're off!

I FOUND ONE!!! The Tomy PROTOTYPE Glaceon plush! I honestly never thought I'd find one so soon. It's a dream come true. As an even better bonus, I now have the Shiny and Clear kid figures thanks to revarrie! T-T

20190903_171718.jpg More lovely Glaceon gets from tdotakichan! The Palace figure, Pokemon Time strap, and Pokebox coin!

20190829_161204.jpg An eBay find, with no tush tag sadly, but still!

20190819_175529.jpg An eBay user had a bunch of these, but I could only get Lapras at the time. I love how big they are.

20190815_174643.jpg LAPRAS BELL PLUSH MIP!! Such a wonderful (and cheap!) eBay find. I was so happy to find one untouched like this, for an awesome price.

20190812_181912.jpg A lovely, soft, BEAUTIFUL little peanut plush custom from latias_girl! She is so huggable, and now lives on my computer desk next to me! ^-^

20190812_181904.jpg Another shot of the peanut custom, along with an Usako-chan custom Alolapix from jarshaarashi. The airbrushing on the mane and tail are a wonderful touch!

20190802_093318.jpg A Mercari US find! Not a huge fan of Pikachu, since he is everywhere, but I like his costume plushes!

20190819_175453.jpg AT LAST! My adorable dragon birb is home! I love the look of this pokedoll so very much, so I was ecstatic that I found one in the comm for a reasonable price TTO, thanks to jr890 <3

20190815_174933.jpg20190815_174948.jpg PLUSHPLUSH?! Snagged this hella good deal off eBay (mint TTO condition, to boot!). I had never felt the fabric on one of these elusive plush before, and man, I love how it feels! I wonder why more plush aren't made of this fabric these days. >.<

20190819_175430.jpg My Chikorita army is growing! Also got some Poochy line charms and Lapras petit stickers, along with some freebie kid figs! Many thanks to havvaiibabe ^-^

20190802_093323.jpg20190802_093259.jpg Large Meganium plush custom (second...third? hand) and more kid figures, including one of two shiny Treecko kids from mega_quilava! Eevee Tama and the Entei/Raikou Tomy figures were great Mercari US deals.

20190829_161047.jpg20190829_161153.jpg20190829_161143.jpg *insert incoherrent babbling* A wild Shiny Absol kid and Clear Raikou (finger puppet?) appeared!!! Definitely hurt the ol' wallet a bit, but DAMN was I taking these two home! Thank you glorious eBay seller! xDDD

20190821_162145.jpg MOAR ABSOL!!! Now I just need to track down the Clear Attack kid and the Mega Absol kid :D

20190812_181922.jpg WHOO! Finally found a Raikou Retsuden stamp! Never knew these were so hard to find >.<

20190903_190117.jpg Such a wonderful array of AWESOME! Thank you as always, polahbear! You rock!

20190824_183055.jpg20190824_183310.jpg20190824_183114.jpg20190824_183130.jpg *more incoherrent babbling* SUCH A GOOD ROUND BOI!!!! xDDDDD Pretty great deal too! Seller even had the Banpresto Mega keychain! Many thanks eBay seller! <3 <3 <3

20190827_045845.jpg20190827_045824.jpg20190827_045831.jpg20190827_154134.jpg Oh eBay, you've been SO good to me these last couple months! Found this gem just scrolling through the pokedoll section. Had to do a double take at the price for sure. Couldn't believe a real one went for dirt cheap (at least these days, especially for certain pokedolls!).

20190819_180829.jpg Got this Zoroark lot after winning the auction on eBay. I REALLY wanted it for the soft vinyl figure and the smaller, unique figures I didn't yet have.

20190801_162321.jpg Can you spot the real Tomy Zoroark? :3 Also added to my Vulpix plush collection with the '98 Terry cloth Banpresto!

20190802_093313.jpg A Mercari US deal! It's the buildable model for White Kyurem :3

20190805_093648.jpg Got this lovely White Kyurem pokedoll from necrozma! Now I just need to find a JP Overdrive Reshiram pokedoll to complete the Reshi set! :D Also added the Mofu mofu Arcanine and the cute Treecko Walky plush courtesy of miniterasu!

20190819_175639.jpg Another Vulpix get! The 1997 Banpresto UFO. Got this for...can you guess? $5+ shipping! :3


Two Mercari US gets! Finally found this acrylic charm for a decent price, as well as a G.E.M. Lillie and Rokan figure MIP for CHEAP. I thought I'd spend at least $100+ for that figure. Heck, even the G.E.M. Lapras figure is at least $120 or so! >.<

He's HE~~~~RE!!!
The preorder for this lovely long boi was back in...what, Februry? I can't remember, but I couldn't be happier with him! He is super soft, bendable (although I can't tell if there is a rod in him or not), and definitely fits the "life-size" title. He is just about as long as my queen size bed! xD He currently resides atop my closet when not snuggling, but yeah. Thank you so much for doing preorders mega_quilava! I'm glad I didn't wait to snag him. :3

Alrighty! That about sums up the awesome-ness that was my latter half of July and August! I actually have a pretty exciting package on the way (technically from August, but a mail mixup in Japan delayed it) from Wakuwakumono (my first one)! I can't wait to share the goodies I snagged from Mercari JP come the end of September! xD

Happy Collecting everyone! May your September be full of great finds!
     Spooky <3

*PS- I updated my sales! Come take a look if you'd like. :3 I also took updated photos of my collections as well! Definitely need to look into making my own collection site >.<

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