johnnytoon (johnnytoon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help to Identifying this items please

Hello everyone, so many time that I don't post something hehe first time apologize for my bad english oops! just need to help to identifying if this items are legitimate

Just see this plush on my collection but now I need to sell it, because have some money problems...

They are from Banpresto kawaii UFO plush

First Charizard, just add some pictures, oh yea have some marks on the belly and the face looks some darkness:

Second time Venusaur just add the pictures only have one mark on the back:

Thirten time Blastoise he have so many "defects" I bought here, but never ask if sre official:

The are have tush tag only
Also if is possible know, how much sell it ? Im bad with the prices :(

Finally I find this stickers you know the valor?

I hope any help me, thanks a lot! ♥️
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