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Settei question


Today I have a question about settei. I recently purchased a rather big lot of them.

Picture of a rather big lot:

This is my first time to even hold them in my hands, so obviously I don't have much experience.
I bought them from a Y!J seller, that had many listings with anime reference materials and 100% positive feedback, so I thought they might be selling a real thing. But the more I look at these pages, the more I think how easy it is to make copies of them and start selling an infinity supply of settei.

I understand that most setteis are photocopies of original pencil sketches used by animators. But if that's the case, how is it possible to distinguish between photocopies made by animators and photocopies made by sellers who want more profit? Is it even possible? Is there any difference in how much "legitimate" or "official" they are? Now I'm worried that I don't have settei set, but a bunch of expensive colouring pages...
I'm asking this question not because I want to become one of these sellers, of course. I want to sell extras (almost 200 sheets), and I want to eliminate the possibility that I'll sell counterfeit products.
I probably should've asked this before buying the lot, but it was an impulse buy, hah.

Here are photos of some of the setteis from the lot: album

I would much appreciate any help and thoughts.

Edit: The set I bought features human and Pokemon characters from "Masters of Illusions: Zoroark" movie, so if character appeared in the movie, then that character probably is in the lot. (No Beasts, they are mine!) I need to photograph and sort out setteis before selling them, and decide on sales format. I'll try my best to do it quickly. Thank you for your understanding.

Other news, I'm slowly learning how to sell on Ebay, and I thought that maybe someone would be interested:
Ebay auctions
(Sales permission granted 2016/05/26 by areica96, Feedback)
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