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Hi there! My name's Aaron and I'm brand new to pkmncollectors. I've been looking for a community to share my new gets with for ages now, and just came across this one not long ago. I'm kinda bad at introducing myself so I'll just jump right in I guess! Please let me know if I'm getting anything wrong with this post haha

My primary collection as far as pokemon goes is rockruff — as the username might suggest. Here's my whole family so far!:

I've set up a really barebones weebly for keeping track of what I have and what I need. You can check that out here but it's nothing special yet haha. My goal with rockruff is to collect every plush, figure and card; I'm less interested in the clear file folders and other miscellaneous items the pokemon centre comes out with, and just these categories will keep me busy for a long time. The big guy in the back actually came all the way from shiny_vulpix along with my other newest guy:

Other pokemon that I really love and have a couple items of include eevee, alolan vulpix and entei. I don't think I'll ever go for complete collections of any of those, the first two because of the sheer volume of stuff and entei because a lot of it is old and rare. Though, I would like to grab some rowlets one day!

I also wanted to ask for some help IDing a figure that I can't find any info on:

I've seen it around ebay and out of stock on amazon, but I can't find any details on who made it or when. Here's the link to it on amazon. Thanks to anyone who knows!


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