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New gets including Charmeleon, Dunsparce and Shinies! + Including a one of a kind???

Today I received another package all the way from Japan including some more goodies for my collections.

This includes what i assumed might be a one of a kind. Although i am not 100% sure about that.
If anyone has any other info on it i would love to know! <3

I will start of by sharing a photo including all of the goodies I received today.
I will put the rest of the pics under a cut.

First i would love to go more in depth about the (maybe) one of a kind item.

It is a Japanese cardboard shiny Ho-oh Pog.
According to the listing it was a prize given to the winner of the 2005 ポケモンパッチン (Pokemon Patching) tournament in Japan. It seems to be sort of a pog game.

That is all i know. The only images i could find online are the ones from the Yahoo listing i bought it from.

If anyone has any other info on it please let me know!

Now onto the other goodies! Let’s start with the shinies.

First of two clear files featuring Shiny Pokes. One with Mega Gardevoir and Mega Gengar.
The other one feather Cosplay Pikachu Magikarp and Gyarados. Regular and Shiny forms.
From the Hiroshima Pokemon Center

Next up is the Cosplay Pikachu Shiny Rayquaza keychain/charm and the Pin set.
Also included in the pic is a Charmeleon trading coin/medal Part 5.

Next up is a still sealed RumbleU shiny Eevee figure. Now i only need Shiny genesect.

Yes, finally i was able to obtain Shiny Mega Metagross MIP. He is so expensive everywhere. >x<
Fortunately i was able to obtain him for a reasonable price. Still expensive but still nowhere near Ebay prices.
I also got Shiny Mega Gengar. I already have Shiny Mega Gardevoir.
Also included in the pic is a sealed 2009 Charmeleon Kids figure.

Next is a sealed Pokemon Kids DX98 set including the clear variants of Charmeleon, Raticate, Nidoking, Vulpix, Dratini, Gyarados, Surfing Pikachu, Gengar, Sandshrew, Omanyte and Mewtwo.
Candy still included also.

I also got a vintage Charmeleon Patch, a Dunsparce 3D Seal and a Chibi Pokemon set including team Rocket’s Magikarp Submarine. So cute!

Last but not least a few more PokeCan series 4 pouches featuring Charmeleon. Still in the Gacha sealed ball. Also featuring other Pokemon on the back.

Thank you for having a look!
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